What happened to Sebastian's after Kitchen Nightmares?

What happened to Sebastian's after Kitchen Nightmares?
Sebastian complaining about Gordon to his mother.

In the heart of Los Angeles, tucked away among buzzing streets, stood Sebastian's – a pizzeria that became the center stage for one of the most gripping episodes of "Kitchen Nightmares." It was here that Gordon Ramsay encountered not just a culinary challenge, but a clash of visions and personalities.

The Maze of a Menu

Sebastian telling Ramsay about his concept menu.

Sebastian, with his Hollywood dreams, had concocted a menu that was more puzzling than a Rubik's Cube. The concept was ambitious: a twist of cinematic flair with a build-your-own pizza idea that was meant to dazzle. But instead of applause, it drew furrowed brows and exasperated sighs from patrons. Ramsay, ever the straightforward savant, didn't mince words – the menu was a director's cut that needed serious editing.

The Culinary Chaos

Sebastian chilling out with his friends during service.

Beyond the bewildering menu lay a kitchen that would make any hygiene enthusiast's hair stand on end. It was a scene of chaos, with neglected corners and a team that seemed to have lost their compass. When Ramsay inspected the food, it was as if the pizzas had given up, the toppings a jumbled script of flavors that failed to tell a coherent story. Every thing was store bought including the dough.

The Drama Unfolds

Who could forget the moment Ramsay, with his seasoned palate, faced off with Sebastian's creations? It was theater, it was passion, it was raw – it was Ramsay in his element, pushing for change.

The Ramsay Revolution

With a firm hand and a clear vision, Ramsay began the transformation. The menu was whittled down to a star-studded cast of dishes that promised quality and simplicity. The kitchen received a much-needed facelift, scrubbed and organized to a sparkling sheen. He got them a dough maker that made Lou, the manager cum chef made happy and emotional. Ramsay, ever the teacher, coached the staff, injecting a sense of purpose and pride into their routine.

The Tides of Change

As the changes took hold, the storm of resistance waned. The staff, once adrift in a sea of confusion, began to row in unison towards a common goal. Sebastian himself, the captain of this ship, started to see the horizon. There were hiccups, of course – old habits die hard, and the path to change is never a straight line.

The Final Act

Sebastian confronting Ramsay.

By the time the credits rolled on this episode, Sebastian's had transformed. The customers, once lost in a labyrinthine menu, now relished the clarity of choice. The staff, rejuvenated by Ramsay's tutelage, embraced their roles with newfound zest. And Sebastian, our protagonist, was left at a crossroads – would he hold course or drift back to old ways?

In true "Kitchen Nightmares" fashion, the end was just the beginning. Ramsay's departure left a question hanging in the air – was this transformation a fleeting moment of television magic, or the dawn of a new era for Sebastian's? Only time would tell, but one thing was certain: this episode was a feast for the senses and a lesson in the art of change. ​

What happened to Sebastian's after Kitchen Nightmares? ​ ​

Sebastian's, the L.A.-based pizzeria featured in "Kitchen Nightmares," closed down shortly after its episode aired. Gordon Ramsay's intervention, despite bringing some temporary improvements, was not enough to save the establishment in the long run. The restaurant officially ceased operations on January, 2008.

The location that once housed Sebastian's has seen other restaurants come and go, including The Red Door and Robano's, indicating that the site has not been lucky for subsequent businesses either.

What's up with Sebastian, the owner of the restaurant? ​ ​

As for DiModica, after the closure of his restaurant, he continued to pursue various ventures. He appeared in a film titled "Angels Around Me" in 2013 and As of 2024, he is running a landscaping business in Massachusetts called the New England Tree Company (he started this business in 2009). His business has got mixed reviews on yelp.

Additionally, DiModica made a foray into politics, running for the position of town selectman in New England, which involves significant responsibilities in town governance.

Gordon Ramsay had expressed his lack of belief in DiModica's commitment to change during the episode, predicting that the owner's tendency to revert to old ways would persist. This prediction seemed to hold true as Sebastian's did not manage to overcome its difficulties despite the "Kitchen Nightmares" experience.

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Where is Sonja from Sebastian's?


Sonja Amavisca-Pinkoski (now Sonja Amavisca-Pinkoski Cornett), known from the "Kitchen Nightmares" episode featuring Sebastian's, pursued an acting career and appeared in a few movies in 2013. She also worked in the makeup department for a film and seems to have been involved in music, playing the violin as part of a musical collaboration. She is currently working with Cornett's Detailing and Professional cleaning services (which we believe she co-owns it) and Sherwin-Williams.

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