What happened to Finn McCool's after Kitchen Nightmares?

What happened to Finn McCool's after Kitchen Nightmares?

In the quaint village of Westhampton, New York, Finn McCool's stands as a testament to Irish culture, or at least, that's what one would expect. When Gordon Ramsay sets foot in this family-owned Irish pub for an episode of "Kitchen Nightmares," he's met with a reality that's anything but traditional. The place, which should be a haven for lovers of Irish stews and ales, is on the brink of disaster. Ramsay, with his culinary prowess and a reputation for tough love, is their last hope for salvation.

Episode 7 Summary

Unearthing the Root of the Problem

As Ramsay explores the pub, he finds a menu that's as confused as a lost tourist in Dublin. The offerings are a mishmash, far removed from the hearty Irish classics. The chef, a relative of the owners, is a novice at the helm, his inexperience manifesting in every plate that leaves the kitchen. The food, disappointingly, lacks soul.

The state of the kitchen is a shock to Ramsay's system. The lack of cleanliness is enough to make patrons shudder, and the out-of-date decor does nothing to invite the warmth and cheer of the Emerald Isle.

To complicate matters, the family's internal squabbles are as spicy as the dishes are bland. The tension is thick, with personal grudges threatening to derail the pub's chances of survival.

Moments of Truth and Tears

This episode is replete with the human drama that "Kitchen Nightmares" is known for. We witness a raw, gut-wrenching moment where Ramsay confronts the young chef. The kitchen, usually a place of controlled chaos, becomes a stage for Ramsay's intervention. Viewers can't help but feel for the chef, whose under preparedness is laid bare for all to see.

A Recipe for Change

Ramsay rolls up his sleeves and begins the formidable task of turning the pub around. He revamps the menu, stripping it back to classic Irish staples that comfort the soul. The kitchen undergoes a deep clean, and Ramsay schools the staff on the fundamentals of food safety and efficiency. With fresh paint and updated decor, Finn McCool's is reborn, its atmosphere now as inviting as a warm Irish welcome.

The Staff's Challenging Transformation

Change is never easy, and the staff of Finn McCool's initially resists Ramsay's overhaul. The young chef, once defensive, begins to show a glimmer of hope as he takes Ramsay's lessons to heart. The family, too, starts to mend fences, united by the common goal of restoring their pub's legacy.

A New Chapter Begins

As the episode draws to a close, the transformation of Finn McCool's is nothing short of miraculous. The staff, now a tight-knit team, serve up dishes that make the pub a culinary landmark. Patrons leave with satisfied smiles, and the once-quiet pub buzzes with life.

In the days that follow, the owners keep Ramsay's changes to heart, ensuring that Finn McCool's remains a testament to their hard work and his guidance. ​

What happened to Finn McCool's after Kitchen Nightmares?

Finn McCool's experienced a brief period of success with improved reviews and customer feedback. However, the resurgence didn't last, and Finn McCool's eventually closed its doors in 2012. They expressed their gratitude to their customers on their Facebook page. As of 2023, the building that housed Finn McCool's has become a VFW post in Westhampton, NY.

The Mazzio family, who ran Finn McCool's, went on to pursue different paths. Buddy Mazzio, the owner, had opened his own private detective agency before sadly passing away in January 2023. His son Brian, the head chef featured in the episode, continued his culinary career and as of the last update, is working as the Executive Chef at Sundays on the Bay, a restaurant in the Hamptons.