Top 10 Nick and Charlie Moments Which Were Too Cute To Be True

Heartstopper is the story of Nick Nelson and Charlie Spring, who try to deal with their lingering feelings without having to acknowledge the fact that they are falling for each other.

Top 10 Nick and Charlie Moments Which Were Too Cute To Be True

Adopted from a bestselling novel, Heartstopper is the story of Nick Nelson and Charlie Spring, who try to deal with their lingering feelings without having to acknowledge the fact that they are falling for each other.

Charlie, an openly out gay boy from Truham Grammar  School starts having a major crush on his seat partner, Nick Nelson.

Nick is a rugby player who hangs out with school bullies and the "socially elite class" people but is totally different from all of them. Nick cares about people and doesn't even like his friends who bully innocent people.

When they both become friends, Nick starts to have doubts about his feelings for Charlie.

They both finally kiss but Nick insists on keeping their relationship a secret from everyone.

After a series of events and the ups and downs, Nick finally acknowledges his feelings and agrees to come out from the closet as a Bisexual.

Heartstopper is really different from all the LGBTQ+ content we've watched till now.

It shows how a person realizes and accepts his/her sexuality. With cute little moments to serious conversations, this show has it all.

Apart from Nick and Charlie, the other members of the ensemble cast, including Tara, Darcy, Elle, Tao, Issac, Imogen and others also show the importance of friends while dealing with their own problems and identities.

This show is actually one of the CUTEST shows ever made. The little-little moments between the leads in every episode make this simple show, a beautiful one.

From bench partners, to friends, to crush and finally being Boyfriends/Girlfriends, Nick, Charlie, Tara and Darcy really show us the importance of friendship before coming into a Relationship.

Here, we're gonna discuss the top 10 moments between Nick and Charlie which made our hearts giggle every time and are a treat to watch!

1. The First-Meet and repeating 'Hi'

   (1.01- Meet)

Charlie Spring is a Year 10 gay boy from Truham Grammar  School. He has a secret relationship with one of the 'jocks' from his school, Ben.

Ben doesn't acknowledge Charlie in front of his schoolmates and pretends that he doesn't even know Charlie.

Ben kisses Charlie only when he wants to kiss and this makes Charlie feel bad about himself.

Charlie sees Ben kissing some girl and stops his secret meetings with him.

During all of this, Charlie meets Nicholas "Nick" Nelson, a Year 11 rugby player who sits next to him in reformed groups.

They both exchange formal introductions.

Charlie immediately gets a liking towards Nick, who is a sweet and charming guy.

Charlie's friends, Tao and Issac, warn him that Nick is a rugby player and is definitely Straight.

Every now and then, whenever they both passed through each other in the hallway, they exchanged a Hi.

They almost never talked about anything else other than Hi.

One day, Charlie helps Nick in his Mathematics Homework, which initiates their friendship.

When Charlie helped him, Nick initially refused to take his help and during this, Charlie's hands were tainted with pen marks.

When Nick turned Charlie's pen mistake into a smiley, kinda foreshadowing everything else that comes in their story.

This smiley thing was definitely one of the cutest moments in the entire show.

2. Charlie's Imagination about Nick.

   (1.01- Meet)

Charlie and Nick are friends now. They talk, they laugh and they slowly start liking each other's company.

Charlie is an excellent runner and "No one's ever beaten his time yet" according to Coach Singh.

Nick sees Charlie running while he himself was playing rugby.

When Charlie was taking out his drumsticks from his locker. Nick walks up to him and says "Hey".

A nervous Charlie accidentally drops all of his books and Nick helps him to pick them up. Nick says that he wants to ask Charlie something.

Charlie spirals into his dream world and imagines Nick asking him out and accepting that he himself is Gay.

But as it turns out, Nick wanted him to join the Rugby team.

This moment was too cute to handle with all the effects and the soothing music.

3. Texts and Confusions.

    (1.02- Crush)

This is something each and everyone in this world has experienced, The phase between friendship and relationship.

What to say and what not to say, whether he or she will like what I am saying or not and what else! The same was Nick and Charlie's situation.

After Nick saved Charlie from Ben, Charlie's crush magnified.

Nick also started to feel something but didn't understand why exactly he was feeling a sense of relief.

When Charlie texted him "Thank you x", It made Nick Happy as he smiled.

Nick stalked Charlie's profile, smiled at his posts and this all showed that Nick was feeling something too.

These events started a conversation between them. Messages were typed, deleted and sent.

Nick comforted Charlie and told him that he will always be there for him and he cares about him.

He asked about the events that led to Charlie and Ben being in this situation and Charlie told him that Ben was just using him.

Nick tells him that Ben is not his friend anymore which makes Charlie smile. And this is where it all began, texts and Confusions.

4. "It's Snowing"

     (1.02- Crush)

Ever felt goosebumps when your crush invites you over? Charlie felt the same when Nick invited him to his house.

Charlie told Nick that his parents don't like animals and Nick, thus, invited him to play with Nellie, his pet dog whom Charlie found cute.

Charlie went to Nick's house on a Saturday afternoon and he met Nellie.

They both played video games where Nick confessed that Charlie's good at everything he does, be it studying, or being a drummer, being an athlete, playing video games and befriending dogs as well.

They both were enjoying themselves when they noticed that It was snowing outside.

Nick gave one of his sweatshirts to Charlie and they both went out with Nellie to play.

They clicked pictures, had snowball fights, made snow fairies, and most importantly, made a lot of memories with each other.

Charlie just looked at Nick being adorable while enjoying in snow which intensifies Charlie's crush as well.

Tell me about a more perfect 'First date as friends' moment, I'll wait.

5. Flying Sparks when Nick tries to hold Charlie's hand

   (1.02- Crush)

After Charlie's sweet visit to Nick's house, Tao, Elle and Issac hear from "Multiple sources'' that Nick has a crush on Tara Jones, a girl from Higgs.

Charlie is not so happy about hearing this and asks Elle to confirm this fact from Tara herself.

Charlie imagines all the worst case scenarios that can happen between them.

He also imagines Nick saying to him that they can't be friends anymore as he is definitely straight and likes boys.

Charlie even tries to ask Nick about this but he gets nervous and instead invites him to his house.

Nick agrees and comes to Charlie's house. Charlie teaches Nick how to play drums and they both enjoy it a lot.

They even watch a movie together and Charlie falls asleep in between. Nick tries to hold Charlie's hand when he is asleep.

Sparks fly between them when their hands are in close proximity. Nick withdraws his hand and controls his emotions.

This scene definitely gave us goosebumps and Nick's confusion yet his surety is adorable!

6. Charlie and Nick's first kiss

   (1.03- Kiss)

And finally what we as fans and the boys as lovers were waiting for!! It's Harry's birthday party and he invites Nick as well as anyone he wants to bring with him.

Nick invites Charlie who first thinks about it as a bad idea but later agrees when Nick requests him.

They both meet in the party and this was Nick's face when he saw Charlie:

Nick and Charlie try to spend some time together but Harry interrupts and takes Nick to Tara Jones where they both confess that they don't have feelings for each other.

Nick then searches for Charlie again and finally finds him.

They both decide to go to a quieter place so that they can spend some time together and they decide to go upstairs.

They both sit together and Charlie asks about Nick's current Crush. Charlie assumes it's a 'her' but Nick tells him not to be so sure.

“Would you go out with someone who wasn't a girl?” ... “Would you kiss someone who wasn’t a girl?” ... “Would you kiss me?” and finally this conversation resulted in the most adorable first again EVER! And then a second kiss 2 seconds after that!

As a fan, this scene made me so happy that I wouldn't trade it for any other scene on any other show!

7. When Nick ran through the rain to make sure Charlie knew how he felt.

   (1.04- Secret)

After their first kiss, Nick just went to Harry and his friends without saying anything to Charlie. This left Charlie confused and he left the party.

This makes Nick feel guilty and he decides to be clear about his feelings with Charlie.

He runs through the rain and goes to Charlie's house and knocks on his door.

They both go to Charlie's room and Nick confesses his feelings and his confusions about his sexuality.

Charlie understands him and they both hug and kiss. Charlie makes him feel comfortable.

After having the conversation, Nick leaves for his house and requests Charlie to keep this relationship a secret.

Charlie chases him in the rain to give him a thing he forgot, A Kiss! (too cute right!)

8. When Nick removes Mud from Charlie's face after their Rugby game.

   (1.04- Secret)

Charlie and Nick's rugby game with St. Johns turns dirty when they realize the other team comprises 'literal adult men'.

With Charlie and Nick's friends cheering for the team, they give their 100%.

It starts raining but the match proceeds as planned with Truham boys failing horribly and having a score of zero in front of St. Johns who have scored 35 already.

Charlie tries to stop the other team from securing another point but is pushed and he falls and hurts his nose in the process.

Coach Singh whistles and stops the match as the rain was too dangerous.

Charlie is taken to the infirmary where Nick pays him a visit. Then Nick grabs a couple of tissues and cleans Charlie's muddy face tenderly.

They both apologize to each other, Charlie for being clingy and Nick for wanting to keep this thing a secret.  

Isaac walks in to give Charlie some antiseptic wipes and realizes that Nick and Charlie are together but prefers not to say anything. Charlie assures Nick that Issac won't say anything.

This scene showed Nick's care for Charlie and also Nick has started to realize that keeping this a secret is not fair to Charlie.

9. The Cute-Cute Milkshake Banter

    (1.06- Girls)

It's Orchestra day and Tara and Darcy visit Truham Boys School as they are trumpet players.

Charlie, being the drummer, participates and Nick accompanies him.

During their conversation, Nick tells Tara Jones that he and Charlie are going out.

This makes Tara really happy and she tells about her story of coming out. She tells him to not come out until he is 100% sure.

Tara, Darcy and Nick have lunch together and decide to go on a double date with Nick and Charlie.

Nick tells Charlie that he has started to gain confidence and came out to Tara which made him really happy.

Charlie agrees to the double date which, in fact, becomes a triple date as Elle and Tao join them.

Charlie and Nick go to get their milkshakes where Charlie doesn't like Nick's choice of Bubblegum shake.

Nick defends himself and tries Charlie's shake. He really liked it and proposed to swap to which Charlie disagrees.

They agree to share and Nick says that "Sharing is the official rule of dating". Charlie asks Nick if he'd wanna go on a date with him, just the two of them to which Nick agrees!

This scene made most of the fans blush in front of their TV screens!

10.  "You're my Boyfriend. I'm your Boyfriend. We're Boyfriends!

       (1.08- Boyfriend)

The season finale definitely left everyone teary eyed. After ending things on an awkward note with Nick, Charlie tried to win back Tao's friendship.

It's sports day at Truham and Higgs so Tara, Darcy and Elle also attend.

Charlie wins the marathon and warms Ben to never mess around with him again. Nick's rugby match starts and Charlie watches him playing.

Nick sees Charlie, leaves the ground in the middle of the match, Grabs Charlie's hand and takes him in the school corridor.

Nick confesses his feelings to Charlie and tells him that meeting Charlie made his life better. Charlie is his favorite person and he wants to be with Charlie.

Charlie believes him and they both finally share a kiss in the corridor as openly out Boyfriends!

Nick surprises Charlie by taking him to the beach on sunday where they enjoy, click pictures, eat food, kiss multiple times, in short they had a great time together.

When they are lying on the beach, Nick tells Charlie that he is ready to tell people about them.

They both hug and Nick lifts Charlie in his arms and shouts on the beach-"You're my Boyfriend. I'm your Boyfriend. We're Boyfriends!"

Nick comes out to his mother who massively supports him and tells him that she loves him.

This episode Was the best episode of the season. It had emotions, drama and LOT OF CUTE ROMANTIC MOMENTS. It showed how parents should react to their child coming out as well as it shows Tao and Elle's dynamics.

To conclude, Heartstopper doesn't have thrill, suspense or horror but this show still managed to keep the audiences hooked to their screens.

It's something fresh, different from other LGBTQ+ content ever seen.

This show was gradual and we got to witness what its like to realize about your sexuality and accepting it.

All the cute moments between Nick and Charlie or Tara and Darcy or Tao and Elle were perfectly shot and enacted.

All of them brought out the emotions, vulnerabilities of the characters and made us fall in love with not only the main characters but the whole ensemble.