The End of the F***ing World- Watch it or Skip it?

Why do you need to watch this criminally Under-rated EPIC show right now?

The End of the F***ing World- Watch it or Skip it?
Adapted from a comic, With only a few exceptions, the Netflix series traces the steps of the comic perfectly, primarily adding an additional background or expanding on scenes. The result is an adaptation that is both faithful and good in its own right.

I know that many of you have not even heard this show's name in your lives. Trust me, this show is actually worth a shot. Based on the lives of two teenagers, James and Alyssa, they grapple with the after-effects of eloping together from their homes.

On their voyage, they do so many adventures (some of them were crimes) that cops start searching for them. Not in love, not in lust, just pure sociopathic minds doing whatever they like.

James, a psychopathic killer addicted to killing has killed many animals since his childhood, and now wants to opt for "something bigger". Bigger for him refers to killing a human being, an actual person now. Alyssa, a girl living with her mom and her step-dad (who makes her feel uncomfortable) is James' angry classmate who sees in James a chance to escape from her tumultuous home life.

They both escape from their lives hoping to be happy in each other's company but things don't go as they planned after an event which was about to change their lives forever.

Here, we've combined a list of 5 reasons why you should definitely give this show a shot.

1. The Epic LEADS!

Alex Lawther, who portrays James perfectly captures the essence of a psychopath. He leaves no stone unturned to get himself under James' body and no doubt, no one would've done it better.

On the other hand, Jessica Barden plays Alyssa, who simply wants to escape the unhappiness of her home life. Perfectly portraying a short tempered girl, having her own insecurities and imagining a fantasy world around her where she is happy. An arrogant and Badass female lead, Alyssa is definitely a character to remember.

To be honest, James and Alyssa are not the kind of characters whom the audience loves. They do some bad things which initially trigger a hate response but it's Jessica Barden (Alyssa) and Alex Lawther (James) who bring the pair to life immediately. In either case, you're bound to fall in love, even if it feels like you shouldn't.

2. Storyline!

There's simply nothing else like it out there today. It tackles subject matter that feels relevant to this moment in a unique fashion. The blend of humor and violence has made this well-loved. The End of the F***ing World is well-equipped to surprise, entertain, and upset audiences.

More importantly, it does all of this in a fashion unlike anything else in comics or on television. From season 1 only, we witness different storylines not only featuring the leads bit side characters as well.

A disturbing pair of detectives search for the children while dealing with their own issues which definitely makes the show more interesting. Before either series reaches its halfway point, James and Alyssa encounter a very dangerous character who unveils a larger mystery.

In Season 2, we witness another character added to the show, Bonnie. Equally disturbing as the leads, Bonnie seeks out to take revenge for her lover's death. Bonnie is  obsessed with philosophy professor, Dr. Clive Koch.

After a series of events, They soon begin a sexual relationship; she is disappointed that he does not reciprocate her love. After she shows up unexpectedly at his house, finding him with another female student, he falsely claims the student is trying to ruin his life.

In retaliation, Bonnie uses her car to kill her. In prison, Bonnie receives a message in a book from Koch in response to her killing stating that he now loves her. After sending a letter to him, she finds out that Koch is now dead. Two years later, after being released from prison, Bonnie sets out to take revenge against Alyssa and James.

There's murder, there's eloping, there's searching, there's revenge and what not to binge watch this show!

3. DARK Humor

This show definitely scored some points for giving reality checks to its audiences. Every episode dropped one or the other truth bombs about life or about mental health. Both series focus on the difficult subject matter of learning empathy and accepting the world as a deeply imperfect place.

Pairing James and Alyssa, introvert and extrovert respectively, has such a hilarious clash of personalities as James' hesitant nature quietly allows Alyssa to carry on her selfish path. Her character takes some getting used to as she is almost insufferable and intolerable at the beginning.

Once the journey begins and you learn more of her past, that annoyance turns to empathy and you start to understand why she is so troubled. This helps with the comedy of the show, as by the end you are 100% on her side enjoying her plain insults and people's reaction to it.

While there's no laugh track in either format, you'll find it difficult to not provide your own. There's plenty of fun to be found in its absurdist nature.

4. Small sized installments and episodes

Not a reason for the show's goodness, but still, very few Netflix shows are bingeable in a single eve! Just 2 seasons with 8 episodes each, this show doesn't get extended or exaggerated like many others. Each episode has a length of 19-22 minutes and each episode just delivers the content that is useful and that is necessary.

The series winded up the whole storyline and brought back the story to the full circle at the end of Season 2. With James and Alyssa holding hands and accepting their love for each other, the show ends on a good note. They left a scope for season 3 but still, they completed the show at the end of Season 2 only leaving the fans satisfied.

There is none of the decompression that plagues some Netflix adaptations. You can enjoy a single episode over a quick lunch or binge the entire series in a single evening.

5. Character Growths

Part of what makes The End of the F***ing World so engaging that the characters resemble real people, which makes their ability to change all the more surprising. James and Alyssa are very different characters at the end of both seasons, but the lessons they've learned come in believable and difficult fashions.

In the beginning, Alyssa was shown as a selfish and narcissistic woman who just wanted an escape from her life so that she can get away from her home and the toxic environment with Tony, The twins and her mom. James was a psychopathic killer who just liked to kill animals for fun and who just wanted to Kill Alyssa as he wanted something bigger.

In the end, they both finally stopped running from what they've been running, that is their feelings for each other and the challenges life's gonna throw on them. They finally held each other's hands and confessed what they felt.

Defeating all the challenges, be it a gunshot or an obsessed lover or 2 detectives, they faced it all, fought it all and they finally altered their personalities to adapt to being with each other.

They are still recognizable, only altered just enough to make a difference in their lives and upon the viewer or reader's feelings.

So, to sum up, The End of the F***ing World is an entirely different genre show. It has it all, from humor to darkness, from wedding to murders, from psychopaths' to detectives and what not. The best part to be honest, is ALYSSA, who is relatable AF. The Music is on point, and is fire. The outfits are amazing.

And Finally, You'll fall in love with Alyssa and James, I swear. Now, go watch it!