Riverdale's The BLOSSOM Family Tree & Backstory, Explained

How are the Cooper's and Blossom's related?

Riverdale's The BLOSSOM Family Tree & Backstory, Explained

The Blossom family is one of the founding families of Riverdale. They are the largest and oldest family in the town who came from an unknown location and settled in Riverdale to create their Maple Syrup Farms now called BLOSSOM MAPLE FARMS.

The BLOSSOM Family Backstory

The Blossoms came to Riverdale nearly a hundred years ago and founded their Maple Syrup Business which flourished over time.

Everything was good until one day, one of the two Blossom Brothers decided to kill the other one which resulted in an internal feud.

This contributed to one side of the family severing all ties with the other one and one of them took a new name- Coopers.

The Coopers and the Blossoms continued to tell their children that there is no relationship between both the families and both families have had separate identities.

Years later, history almost repeated itself when two Blossom Brothers, Claudius and Clifford Blossom were born.

Their parents wanted to hand over the empire to Claudius, making Clifford furious.

Clifford then threatened Claudius on the edge of Sweetwater River with a rifle telling him about the 'Blossom curse'.

According to this curse, It is believed that every Blossom twin meets his/her death by the hand of the other twin.

This terrified Claudius and he decided to run away from Riverdale and joined Merchant Marines.

Hence, Clifford inherited the Business, married Penelope, had twins namely- Cheryl and Jason Blossom and never even told his children about their uncle's existence.

The Cooper family also grows and Great-grandfather Cooper has a son named Louis.

Louis was also a cold-hearted murdered just like his father and murdered the Conway Family.

Louis had a son named Hal who also turns out to follow his father's footsteps and became the Black Hood.

Hal marries Alice and they have two Daughters- Polly Cooper and Elizabeth 'Betty' Cooper.

Jason Blossom and Polly Cooper

Jason Blossom was the son of Clifford and Penelope Blossom while Polly Cooper was the eldest daughter of Hal and Alice Cooper.

They both fall in love with each other, unaware of the Blossom-Cooper family history and relation.

Their Parents disapproved of their relationship so Jason proposes to Polly in front of Nana Rose, who gives her own ring to Polly.

Jason and Polly decide to run away with each other on 4th Of July and Cheryl agrees to help.

Alice found out that Polly was pregnant with Jason's child.

On 4th of July, the day Polly was going to run away with Jason, Alice and Hal secretly had their daughter forcibly locked away at the Sisters of Quiet Mercy

Sisters of Quiet Mercy is a group home for troubled youths, where they had planned for Polly to give the baby up for adoption once he or she was born.

To cover up Polly's pregnancy, Alice and Hal told everyone, including Betty, that Polly had a nervous breakdown when Jason broke up with her, and that was why she was sent to live at a group home.

While on the other hand, Cheryl and Jason planned to fake Jason's death as they went boating on 4th of July and as per their plan, Cheryl would return alone and tell everyone that Jason drowned in the Sweetwater river when he went down to fetch Cheryl's Glove.

Everyone thinks the reason for Jason's death is drowning until Kevin Keller and Moose Mason found Jason's dead body with a bullet wound on his forehead.

Betty somehow finally manages to go and meet Polly where Polly tells her the actual story and Betty tells Polly about Jason's death.

Polly escapes from 'Sisters of Quiet Mercy' and goes to live in Thornhill to find out the actual culprit behind Jason's murder.

Hal then tells Alice and Betty about the relationship between Blossoms and Cooper family and Jason and Polly are actually Third cousins.

This infuriates Alice and she gets worried as the Blossoms would never approve of this incest and they may hurt Polly. So Alice, Hal and Betty go Thornhill to get Polly out of there.

Alice manages to bring Polly back home and after a series of events, Archie, Betty, Veronica, Kevin and Jughead finally discover that Jason was killed by his own Father, Clifford Blossom.

Clifford killed Jason because he was running an illegal drug business out of his maple syrup business. Jason knew about this and threatened to expose him.

Secondly, he wanted his son to continue in the business but he found out that he got Polly pregnant and was going to run off with her and get married.

After everyone knows about the truth, Clifford hangs himself in the Maple barn in Thornhill and commits suicide.

After these events, Cheryl burns Thornhill to the ground, and Cheryl, Penelope, and Nana Rose move to Thistlehouse, another Blossom family house in the town.

Members of the Blossom-Cooper Extended Family

Abigail Blossom

She was the oldest shown ancestor of the Blossom family. Abigail existed in the mid to late 1800s and she lived in a hateful and backward Riverdale at Thornhill.

However, at the time it stood as a girl's school.

In 1890, the townspeople urged her to sell her groves as they knew there was palladium under them but Abigail refused.

After months of harassment, Abigail still refused to sell her groves.

The townspeople came to Thornhill in the middle of the night, armed with torches.

They accused Abigail of being a witch and they burned her at the stake in the groves surrounding Riverdale.

With her last breath, she cursed the primary conspirators, Archibald Andrews (Archie's ancestors), Jedidiah Jones (Jughead's ancestors), and Beatrice Cooper (Betty's ancestors), and the others to tragedy.

After that, all of the conspirators died when Abigail's mines collapsed killing entire generations of fathers and sons.

Beatrice Cooper

One of the co-conspirators in Abigail Blossom's murder. She was the ancestor of Betty and Polly

Great Grandfather Blossom

Jason and Cheryl's great-grandfather is infamously known for murdering his own brother (Louis' father, also known as great-grandfather Cooper) due to greed and hatred over their shared business of trading maple syrup.

The event caused a rift in the family. Hal revealed that great-grandfather Blossom was in fact murdered by his grandfather, not the other way around.

Due to the murder, he took on the Cooper name.

Louis' Father- Hal's grandfather

It isn't much known about him. He murdered his brother in cold blood over greed and his son, Louis took on the name Cooper after the incident.

Louis Cooper

He was Hal's father. He started the Cooper family after severing ties with the Blossoms.

He was also a cold-blooded murderer just like his father and murdered the Conway family who attempted to blackmail him about knowing his family's secret.

He was known as the 'Riverdale Reaper'.

Rose Blossom (née Nana Rose)

The eldest Living Blossom, she is Clifford and Cladius' mother.

She has dementia and often practices unfair witchy practices. She used to despise Cheryl but after sending Penelope and Claudius away, she becomes Cheryl's sole guardian.

Penelope and Claudius tried to kill her to gain control over Thornhill and Thistlehouse but Nana Rose lives to see another day.

She is often seen reciting old stories and telling what Riverdale 's founding families did to the Blossoms to gain their Maple Groves.

In Season 6, she gets combusted by Percival as a backfire attack on Cheryl after she tried to do the same to him. She is saved by Heather's witchy herbs.

Cricket and Bedford Blossom

They are members of Blossom Board who descend upon Thornhill after Jason's death to decide who will take over Clifford 's empire after he retires.

They return to Riverdale after Clifford dies and Penelope is in the wind.

They need Cheryl's signature to sell the maple business which was bleeding them dry as it hasn't been profitable for years. Cheryl agrees.

With business settled, Cricket and Bedford were hoping to go to the chapel to light a candle of thanksgiving in celebration.

They always visit their ancestors. Worried that they will uncover Jason’s body, Cheryl takes back her acceptance of their deal and demands they leave.

They suspect that Cheryl’s had a psychotic break. "Get out you parasites.", Cheryl exclaims as her extended family encroaches closer on her secret.

Cheryl and Toni find Bedford in the chapel at midnight who is disgusted by Jason's rotting body.

He grabs Cheryl but Toni hits him with a candle stand and he bleeds on the ground.

The following morning, aunt Cricket visits Thistlehouse in search of uncle Bedford. She was wondering if Cheryl and Toni saw him.

They claim they haven’t. Cricket and her son, Fester are invited to dinner where Nama Rose tells a story about Blossoms committing Cannibalism.

Cheryl smartly convinces Cricket that all the remains of Uncle Bedford have been 'digested' meaning Cheryl fed uncle Bedford to her aunt Cricket and cousin Fester.

Cheryl then offers them dessert as Toni brings Jason’s corpse into the dining room. Cheryl informs them that they’ve just committed a vile act of cannibalism, which is illegal.

She threatens to expose them to the world should they continue to pressure her. With no other option, Cricket and Fester leave Thistlehouse.

Clifford Blossom

Cliff Blossom was Nana Rose's son who studied in Riverdale high and married his high school sweetheart Penelope Blossom.

They had two children, twins Cheryl Blossom and Jason Blossom.

He had a Maple syrup business which he used as a front for his own agenda- supplying drugs across Borders.

Jason discovered this, which resulted in Cliff murdering Jason to cover it up.

After this was revealed, he was murdered by Penelope with pufferfish poisoning. His death was staged as a suicide by hanging.

Penelope Blossom

Clifford's wife and Jason and Cheryl's mother, she was the hidden main antagonist of the second and third seasons, being the mastermind behind the Black Hood and the Gargoyle King.

She was an orphan who met Clifford in her childhood with the perspective of marriage only.

She murdered him for killing Jason. She despised Cheryl, her sexuality being one of the many reasons. She had an affair with Hal Cooper.  

She was an evil woman who decided to take revenge from Riverdale's founding families' children- Archie, Betty, Veronica and Jughead as their parents were not even sympathetic with her when her son died.

She was the eventual Gargoyle king and she was the reason people died by playing Griffins and Gargoyles.

She was taken to jail after her crimes were identified but escaped during Cheryl's graduation.

She returns to Thornhill after 7 years when she claims that she has changed herself and gives Cheryl, the old letters from her childhood lover, Heather.

She then pleads for Cheryl's forgiveness, as the next day, when the fog lifts, she'll be gone.

Hal Cooper

He is the son of Louis Cooper. He reveals his identity as the Black hood, the main antagonist of season 2.

He was a cold blooded murderer who killed many people including Midge Klump, Geraldine Grundy and others.

He was Betty and Polly's father and Alice's husband who had an affair with Penelope.

She was the one who pulled his strings. He owned Riverdale's local newspaper, The Register, with his ex-wife, Alice.

Since Betty's childhood, he taught her to embrace a darkness within her when he made her kill a cat, Caramel, which still haunts Betty.

Alice Smith

Hal's ex wife and Polly and Betty's mother. She was born in Riverdale where she attended Riverdale High.

She later married her high school boyfriend Hal.

She belonged to southside originally and was a member of southside gang, The Serpents, which she highly disapproves and hates now.

She was disgusted by Polly and Jason's relationship but when Polly told her that Hal forced her for abortion, Alice fought for her daughter and ousted Hal from their house.

She was shocked to learn about Hal being the Black hood and despite being an strict mother, she always tries to protect Polly and Betty.

Jason Blossom

Cheryl's twin and son of Cliff and Penelope.

He attended Riverdale High School and was a member of the Riverdale Bulldogs until his death on July 11th.

Jason was in Love with Polly Cooper, although his parents despised it.

When Polly told Jason that she was pregnant he was thrilled.

They even planned to run away together.

However, Jason needed money to do so, and went to the Southside Serpents to strike a dead; he would drive and deliver weed in exchange for money.

Cheryl would row him across Sweetwater River and then claim that he drowned.

In the meantime, Jason would get into a getaway car and leave town with Polly.

But, after the Serpents kidnapped him before he could reach the car and planned to hold him for ransom.

The plan changed when Cliff Blossom arrived and murdered Jason. His body was later dumped in Sweetwater River and discovered later by Kevin Keller and Moose Mason.

Cheryl Blossom

Cliff and Penelope's daughter and Jason's twin. She and Jason loved each other deeply.

She attended Riverdale High School, where she was the most popular girl at school. She was the captain of the River Vixens until graduation.

She helped Jason to escape on 4th of July but Instead, he was kidnapped by serpents and Killed by Cliff Blossom.

During the course of 6 seasons, it is frequently shown that Cheryl is unable to get over Jason and still can't forget him.

She brings him back in Season 6 when she brings back all the firstborns who were killed by Percival's curse.

She gained control of the Maple farms and palladium beneath them after Penelope went to jail. She realises her abilities as a witch with the help of Heather.

She has the powers of a phoenix as well as she can combust anything.

She revives all the firstborns and is responsible for saving everyone in the Season 6 finale episode by Melting the Bailey's Comet using her and everyone else's powers.

Polly Cooper

Hal and Alice's eldest daughter and Jason's lover. She planned to elope with Jason but Alice forcefully sent her to the foster home, 'Sisters of Quiet Mercy', where she delivered her twins, Juniper and Dagwood.

She escaped from there and came back home. She later ran away to the Farm in fear of the Black Hood coming after her and her babies.

She plans on raising her kids by herself as she cannot stand the toxic environment that is sure to follow her family.

She raises Juniper and Dagwood but is killed by a trucker on the Lonely highway. Cheryl brings her back when she brings back all the firstborns with her phoenix powers.

Betty Cooper

The youngest Cooper child, she has an MAOA gene (The Serial Killer Gene) which was always embraced by Hal.

She is often acknowledged as 'The Girl next Door' as she is the perfect girl but she hates being called so.

She hated Hal as he was the Black Hood and never wanted to follow his footsteps hence she joined the FBI.

Having her own share of secrets, She loves her family and She attended Riverdale High, where she was a River Vixen and ran the school newspaper.

She is Jughead's ex-girlfriend and Archie's girlfriend (his original Childhood Sweetheart).

She develops powers during season 6 where she is able to see an aura around the people who are dangerous to their surroundings.

She sees an aura around herself as well. She mostly goes against Alice's strict decisions and is a diehard fan of Nancy Drew books which she read in her childhood.

Overall, these two families, which were one once, have more buried secrets than the entire town of Riverdale combined.

With the secret of these families being related is finally out, are they going to acknowledge it? Will there be a consequence of Cheryl's Phoenix power usage to bring back the firstborns? Tune in to season 7, The last season of Riverdale to find out.