RIVERDALE: Why did Betty become a serpent?

Why did Jughead enter into the serpent world?

RIVERDALE: Why did Betty become a serpent?

Riverdale never fails to amaze the audience with its Plot Twists and New Suspense every now and then.

If we talk about the character having the most diversified role, it will surely be none other than Betty Cooper.

With her dysfunctional family, her distorted relationships and her insecurities, she is one of the best characters in the entire show.

Here, we'll be discussing events that led to Betty joining the Serpents.

Why did Jughead enter into the serpent world?

In the season 1 penultimate episode, Jughead was offered a serpent jacket and was invited to join the Southside Serpents when FP, his dad, was in jail.

Betty, Jughead's girlfriend at that time, was reluctant about Jughead wearing the jacket which fit him both like a glove and a second skin.

When she addressed this, Jughead assured her that this was something he couldn't turn down and that wearing the jacket doesn't mean anything to him.

He does not consider himself as a serpent and won't follow his father's path.

But after a series of events, Jughead decided to improve things on Riverdale's Southside and the only way this was possible was to join the Southside Serpents.

Jughead wearing Serpent Jacket for the first time.

He went through a series of tests which included taking care of the Serpent dog (Hot Dog), Remembering the Serpent laws, Retrieving a knife from the rattlesnake that was placed in the glass container and finally gang members beating him, throwing intense punches toward his way, as he is not allowed to fight back.

After these stages, Jughead officially becomes a serpent and gets himself enrolled in all kinds of dangers.

Why did Betty Join the Serpents?

In Season 2 Episode 8, When Jughead and Betty receive the news of FP coming out from Jail, they decide to throw him a retirement party at the White Wyrm as he decides to serve as a busboy at Pops and retire from being the Serpent King.

At the Party, Betty asks Toni about a way so that she can be a serpent or at least 'Serpent-Adjacent' so that she can be 'A part of His World' and protect him.

Another fellow serpent overhears her and suggests to her 'You wanna join the club, You Gotta Do The Dance: The Serpent Dance'.

FP's retirement party.

This entices Betty and Toni to tell her that it's an outdated sexist serpent tradition which she tried to get outlawed but 'Misogyny dies hard'.

After knowing all about it, Betty goes to the stage and sings 'Mad World' in her Black Lingeries while pole dancing which makes Alice furious.

The aftermath of Betty's Actions

FP takes over the stage and covers Betty with his jacket announcing his retirement cancellation and that he'll be back as the Serpent King making Jughead angry.

After this, Jughead breaks up with Betty as he doesn't want to enrol her in the danger he's already in.

After a series of events in Season 2, FP Jones finally steps down from his role as the Serpent King in the season finale (Season 2 Episode 22).

Jughead's crowning ceremony.

He passes the crown to Jughead, in honor of all he has done to help the gang stay afloat throughout the season.

Hence Jughead becomes Serpent king while Betty becomes The Serpent Queen.

These events led to Betty, one of the most innocent characters in the show's beginning, enrolling into a Dangerous biker gang and becoming their Queen.