5 Reasons Why Jessica Pearson is More Significant Than Harvey

Why even a badass character like Harvey Specter can't and won't be able to match the level of Jessica's savageness?

5 Reasons Why Jessica Pearson is More Significant Than Harvey

Suits, which premiered in 2011, gained worldwide recognition during the 9 years of its run.

To be honest, The reason I started watching Suits was 'peer pressure' but, the reason I am still watching Suits is none other than "Jessica Pearson".

Jessica Pearson is the managing partner of Pearson Hardman, a Corporate Law Firm in New York City where she is the boss of everyone else.

Being a woman, and that too a black woman doesn't hold her down from her responsibilities as the leader.

She never gives anyone the authority to undermine or underestimate her in any given situation.

She makes sure that when she walks out of any court, the opposing counsel should watch her walk away with the win.

She considers the firm above all and Harvey as her right hand.

She makes bold decisions, and fearless moves, and executes planned strategies that no one can even think of in the wildest fantasies.

Here we'll discuss 5 reasons why Suits is synonymous with Jessica Pearson and why even a badass character like Harvey Specter can't and won't be able to match the level of Jessica's savageness.

1. A Black woman being the Boss Lady of majority white staff. Basically, a "SELF-MADE" woman

Played by mysteriously Beautiful and talented Gina Torres, a woman of color, Jessica never considers her race or gender to be a barrier in her winning or a way of gaining sympathy from the other side.

She never discriminates between her employees based on race.

I'm sure more than one television critic has felt the urge to paint her with the "strong black woman" brush.

When we discuss so-called strong female characters on television, all we really mean is that they're real women who display a multitude of feelings, insights and reactions.

She's smarter than all the cocky white dudes under her employment and she doesn't let them forget it.

As a leader, Jessica has found a way to be both loved and feared—cultivating obedience and extreme loyalty.

When she was 16, her parents had split up, due to her father Alan, who was a surgeon, prioritizing saving the lives of patients over his family.

She and her father had a falling out as he disapproved of her decision to become a lawyer rather than a surgeon; her mother Virginia had given her a car as a gift, which Jessica hated.  

Despite her father's objections and all of the problems she had to deal with as a child as well as being a Black woman, she never stopped giving efforts.

In 2003, the firm was named Gordon Schmidt Van Dyke.

Shortly before Harvey had left the D.A.'s office, Jessica Pearson and Daniel Hardman successfully staged a coup against Gordon, Schmidt, and Van Dyke, thus creating Pearson Hardman, with Hardman taking over the reins as managing partners.

However, when Jessica discovered that Hardman was stealing money from the firm and its clients in order to fund an extramarital affair, Jessica and Harvey blackmailed him into resigning from the firm, with the public story being that Hardman stepped down of his volition to take care of his wife, who had cancer.

Jessica then became the firm's new managing partner and Harvey was promoted to junior partner, and the firm flourished.

2. Knows the Importance of relations

Being a career-driven woman, she never regrets her decisions.

Her ability to manage the firm while managing her personal life is just perfect.

Not much is shown but it was shown that Jessica got divorced from her husband Quentin Sainz.

Quentin cheated on Jessica while they were married as Jessica devoted all of her time to Pearson Hardman.

Jessica was deeply hurt but still decided to be on good terms with Quentin.

This showed her maturity as well as her ability to handle situations like these.

She definitely was not on good terms with Quentin's partner Lisa.

When Jessica found out about Quentin's deteriorating health, she was definitely sad for him.

Quentin succumbs to his ALS and passes away, with Jessica and Harvey Specter being named co-executors of his will.

Tim, the Sainz Pharmaceutical in-house counsel, attempts to get Jessica removed as executor so that he may sell the company to their competitor for pure profit, whereas Quentin's widow Lisa Parker wants to keep Quentin's drug alive.

Jessica and Lisa put aside their differences for Quentin's sake and manage to prevent the sale.

Lisa and Jessica being on the same side showed Jessica's softer side and that she had the ability to forgive people when needed.

3. Her concerns for her co-workers

This is shown on multiple events that Jessica cared about the firm and its members more than anything else and was willing to sacrifice her serious relationship with Jeff Malone as well to keep the firm alive.

Jessica considered Harvey as her right hand. She mostly supported Harvey, always consulted him before making any firm-related decision.

She even reluctantly agrees to keep Mike Ross, a fraud, in the firm as Harvey threatened to leave if Jessica fires Mike.

She eventually sees what Harvey sees in Mike and accepts that she was also responsible for whatever's coming to the firm due to the fact that they hired a fraud.

She always tried to see things from the other person's point of view.

She merged with Edward Darby but as soon as she realized that merging was having a negative impact on the firm's employees (especially Harvey), she called off the merger.

When Jeff Malone is made senior partner, she gives him the 'corner office' (which Louis always wanted). She did this just to make Jack feel welcomed.

Donna makes her realize that giving Louis' dignity back to him is actually best for the firm and hence She gives Louis the corner office as an appreciation gift for what he has done for the firm.

When Harvey and Mike fought over Logan's case, she explains to Harvey that Mike should have his "first taste of blood" as Harvey once had with Jessica.

She always helped her employees in whatever case they wanted help and never overpowered herself being the Managing Partner.

4. Maintaining a 'more than professional' relationship with some people of the firm.

This was clearly visible when It was shown that she was the one who paid for Harvey's Law School.

Jessica met Harvey in the copy room and immediately knew that there was something about him which could prove to be very useful for the firm.

She paid for Harvey's law school and kept this a secret for a long long time.

When she found out about Mike and Rachel, she did not try to break them up.

She gave Rachel an agreement which made her a party in the fraud but Rachel demanded to waive the Harvard rule for her as she'll be going to a law school soon which won't be Harvard but she wanted to work in the firm.

Jessica agreed to this which showed that she can also bend the rules for the people she cares about.

Another event where we witness this is when Rachel asks her to pay for her Law School to which Jessica disagrees.

Rachel comes up with an arrangement which states that she'll work part time in the firm as a summer associate so that she'll have a higher salary and some advance which will cover her fees.

Jessica agreed and this was the second time she paid for one of her employee's law schools.

Jessica cared about Rachel's opinion as in Season 5 Episode 3, she gave Rachel a speech and told her to check for exposures but actually, she just wanted her opinion.

She took the blame for hiring Mike, even though Harvey did it just to protect the firm even though it involved the risk of getting disbarred from the bar.

When Andrew Malik was trying to get her disbarred in Chicago as well, she herself told Harvey to take her name off the wall as it would just bring disgrace to Pearson Specter Litt.

She knew the risks involved and still protected the firm above herself.

After moving to Chicago, she leaked some privileged information to Bratton Gould which put PSL in crisis.

This reunited Harvey, Louis and Donna and Jessica's main purpose was to get PSL together in bad times.

She always knew what was best for the people she deeply cared about.

After she left, she told Harvey that he's ready to take the reins and he'll definitely make her proud.

5. A Calm-Minded Lawyer who carefully reviewed every situation before coming to a decision

The biggest proof of this was after Mike went to prison.

The night Mike goes to prison, Jessica, Louis, and Donna return to PSL to find all of the associates, partners, and everyone else in the firm has left due to the fact that PSL hired a fraud and they were left alone in the whole firm.

Louis called Harvey even when Jessica told him not to as he was grieving over Mike.

Jessica never lost her cool and thought about how to get the firm back on its feet.

She insisted on getting high as Harvey's mind worked wonders when he and Mike got high and threw Daniel Hardman out of the firm.

Louis refused but they forced him to smoke pot and hence all three name partners smoked pot and got high to make their minds work faster.

This was one of the best in the entire show! This showed that being a Managing partner didn't make her all serious and she knew how to have some fun.

Another instance was when she hired Jeff Malone.

They both were dating and she didn't want her personal and professional relations to merge.

She consulted with Harvey and did not make any decision impulsively.

She gave thorough thought on the matter before arriving at the conclusion.

After working with Rachel Zane on a case, Jessica realizes she forgot why she became a lawyer in the first place.

She became a lawyer to help the needy people and instead she ended up being a Corporate machine who was a corporate firm's managing partner.

She decided to step down, leaving the firm to Harvey and Louis, with the former taking over as managing partner.

She moved to Chicago with Jeff Malone and fulfilled her dream of becoming a lawyer who helped the needful.

To conclude, this woman was an epitome of power, strength, calmness and majorly, leadership.

She was as badass as she should've been as a managing partner. She worked with the most difficult people and made her way on her own.

With a caring heart and a soft spot for the people she worked with, she never treated anyone below her.

With her share of savage dialogues and epic comebacks, she was one of the best characters of the show and Suits wouldn't have been the same without the mighty, "JESSICA PEARSON".