6 Reasons To Watch 'Never Have I Ever'

Never Have I Ever has been in the limelight ever since the release of its new season. Read this article to know all the major reasons why this show is perfect for you.

6 Reasons To Watch 'Never Have I Ever'

Never Have I Ever is a pretty interesting show about an extraordinary Indian girl who lives in Southern California. Ever since its release it has been a highlight, especially among the teenage viewership.

This simple show is not that simple since except for Devi's life it also gives us an insight into Indian as well as Asian women's lives. This show is all about feminism, inclusivity, and well Devi's not-so-irrational decision-making.

Here we've compiled a list of reasons why 'Never Have I Ever' is your ideal binge-watch show.

6. The Indian Girl Life in an all American School

The interesting element of showing the life of an Indian girl who is trying to fit into American high school life as she also deals with her father's demise. We get to see all the dramatic dating life, her relationship with her family, plus Devi's growth.

5. Devi's Hilarious Personality

Devi's dope character shines through the entire show. Her character is an extremely basic Indian girl character whose life has been upside down ever since her father died. Devi is really good at studies and extremely competitive.

In any circumstance whatsoever, she will try and seize the opportunity. On the other side of the story, she is also considered a dorky Indian kid. Devi faces extreme racism at the start of the show but as the story continues, we see progress with the show.

4. Devi's Relationship with Her Parents

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As a struggling Indian kid who is trying to fit in, Devi had her ups and downs trying to be the stereotypical 'Indian kid' in California. Devi's father was practically her best friend and his sudden death took a toll on her.

The death leaves a strong impact on her psychologically that one day Devi stops feeling her legs leading to paralysis. On the other hand, after her father's death, we see a far more complicated relationship between Devi and her mother.

Like any other mother-daughter duo, Devi's mom keeps her from dating and is hard on her for her 'own good'. This approach does fulfil the purpose but only to an extent. Towards the end, we see a major growth in their characters and their relationship.

3. Devi's complicated dating history with Paxton and Ben

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One of the funniest and most exciting twist plots of the show was Devi's relationship with Ben and Paxton. Where Ben was her nemesis, Paxton was the all-hot swimming team captain on whom Devi had a crush since junior school.

Devi keeps on making weird complicated decisions whenever it came to her dating life. Her decisions make the show even more exciting. This is definitely one of the reasons why you should watch the show.

2. The Representation of every race and Community

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Since our protagonist is an Indian-American girl, the show offers a great insight into the Indian culture as well as other cultures of Sherman Oaks High. Along with Devi, her best friend Eleanor is Chinese American and Fabiola is a Black American.

Her two main lovers Ben are Jew and Paxton is half American and half Japanese. Not just the representation of different races, we also see a major representation of the queer community which is just a cherry on the top.

1. The importance of grief

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This show is the best example of how important it is to accept grief. Devi's loss of her father when he died or Eleanor losing her mother as she flees to become an actress. Never Have I Ever gives us the portrayal of grief from different circumstances.

Throughout the show, we see Devi as a hot-headed who takes irrational decisions and ends up creating havoc in her life. She refuses to talk about her feelings and how her dad's death has affected her life. But as we approach the end, we see a major growth in her character and how she deals with grief.

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