"My Immortal" by Evanescence Song Review

Evanescence has been known worldwide as a rock band with spectacular hits with every release.

"My Immortal" by Evanescence Song Review

Evanescence has been known worldwide as a rock band with spectacular hits with every release. The voice of the lead singer Amy Lee reaches and pierces the hearts of the listeners in the most soul-stirring way. One such song is My Immortal from the album Fallen which was released in 2003.

"My immortal" through the voice of Amy Lee sings a story of a deranged lover in a toxic relationship. The song starts with the lines "I'm so tired of being here, suppressed by all my childish fears".

In a romantic relationship, when a person is laden with self-doubts and toxicity from their upbringing, it brings a lot of complications.

The miscommunication in a toxic relationship where the person does not realise if their love is reciprocated or denied, the constant need for validation and reassurances while a cloud of self-doubt persists, My Immortal is a song of heartbreak and separation.

"Your presence still lingers here, and it won't leave me alone"

The wounds left by the lover to whom the person gives their everything with little to no reciprocation come back stinging into the heart like a sore wound. Their presence is spread throughout their absence like a constant reminder of their effect on their love.

The absence and their silence ring louder inside the lover. The lovelorn separation is echoed through the lyrics of the song. Amy Lee, the lead singer of the band Evanescence beautifully touches the pitch with the piano, as her sorrowfully deep and solemn voice sings the lyrics of the song.

"I've tried so hard to tell myself that you're gone"

The duality of staying alone away from the lover while picturing them in front of us, the stinging separation and the absence of closeness and peace are pronounced in these heartfelt heartbreaking words.

The lover does not understand if the said person had started the feeling of being lonely or had felt that ever since they understood their conscience.

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The betrayal and love that forms the base of the romantic but toxic relationship, the inability to be separated for good but missing their presence at every second crashes into the ears of the listeners as the song reaches the climax where the drum and the electric guitar ring in unison.

The sacrifices made for the relationship, the compromises but not having it reverted makes the song a bittersweet lamentation of a lover who misses their lover but wants to be away from them because of the hurt and betrayal leaves the listeners in tears from the hangover of this soulful and addicting song.