MasterChef Canada Season 1 Contestants, Where are they now?

MasterChef Canada Season 1 Contestants, Where are they now?

Let's revisit on a culinary journey back in time as we catch up with the trailblazers from the inaugural season of "MasterChef Canada." This first batch of talented home cooks set the stage for what has become one of the country's most beloved cooking competitions. But what happened to these contestants after the cameras stopped rolling?

1. Eric Chong

Riding the wave of his MasterChef Canada victory, Eric Chong joined forces with culinary maestro Alvin Leung to open R&D in Toronto, a haven for Asian fusion delights inspired by Eric's show-stopping dish But Eric's ambition didn't tether him to just one location. He ventured to Hong Kong, immersing himself in the culinary scene at Bo Innovation, Alvin Leung's own gastronomic playground.

2. Marida Mohammed

She started a gourmet food company, Twice De Spice, with her twin sister, Narida. Click here to see her instagram profile.

3. Kaila Klassen

Kaila Klassen, a semi-finalist on MasterChef Canada Season 1, transitioned from being a contestant to opening KRAFTY Kitchen + Bar in Kelowna with Chris Shaften. Before her TV appearance, she was a realtor in West Kelowna. Post MasterChef, Kaila co-founded KRAFTY Kitchen with Chris Shaften (Top Chef 3 contestant). Her involvement with KRAFTY Kitchen ended after a personal relationship with Shaften concluded, leading her back to her real estate career. Kaila returned to real estate, currently working as a realtor with Royal LePage Kelowna.

4. Tammara Behl

After her appearance on MasterChef Canada, Tammara Behl has been actively involved in the culinary scene. She is now the proud owner of "Chef Tammara's Catering" based in Calgary. Tammara also shares her recipes on CTV Morning Live. Currently, according to her LinkedIn, she has taken on the role of Senior Director for PamperedChef Canada.

5. Mike Green

Mike is currently working as a Content & Communications Manager at Tourism Winnipeg which is a division of Economic Development Winnipeg Inc. He has also worked as former CBC Radio food columnist. He also acted as a senior judge for Canada's Great Kitchen Party.

His Instagram handle.

Mike Green on LinkedIn: I had the pleasure of becoming a senior judge for Canada's Great Kitchen…
I had the pleasure of becoming a senior judge for Canada's Great Kitchen Party this past year. Here's all the highlights from an exciting three days of wining…

6. Pino Di Cerbo

After his appearance on the show, Pino appears on GustoTV as the host of VegHeadz. Pino has also taken on the role of Chief Culinary Officer at Zoglo's Incredible Food Corp, a Toronto-based company specializing in plant-based products. Before these, he previously offered his services as a private chef and culinary educator, conducting online classes and catering. His has also collaborated with a Shopping Channel, participated in fundraisers, and contributed to the 'Kids in the Kitchen' program.

7. Julie Miguel

After MasterChef Canada Season 1, Julie has established a popular blog, "Daily Tiramisu" and gained recognition as a cooking segment presenter on various television platforms, including regular appearances on The Marilyn Denis Show and Cityline with Tracy Moore. Additionally, Julie has also collaborated with many national food and lifestyle brands. She co-founded "The Happy Kitchen", a program focused on teaching youth essential life skills in the kitchen. Julie also contributes as an Industry Advisor and Professor for the Food Media program at Centennial College.

8. Dale Kuda

Dale is known not just for his stint on MasterChef Canada but also for his work in adult entertainment. Dale is engaged in modeling, performing, photography, and even event organizing. Dale is active on Only Fans and Just For Fans. Dale has founded a clothing brand which primarily deals in jockstraps, Bulldog Harness and Gay Clothing.

9. Danielle Cardozo

After MasterChef, Danielle went to Tel Aviv, Israel (as reported by Eatnorth) to learn and explore. Her skills led her to become a sous chef at The Heid Out Restaurant and Brewhouse. Later, Danielle (now Eaton) was running her public relations firm when she signed papers to purchase an existing, but troubled restaurant called Soulfood in the historic Mount Baker Hotel (as reported by Eatnorth), which is now closed. Presently, she writes for AlgaeCal about food and nutrition.

10. Carly Tennant

Before MasterChef Canada, Carly Tennant owned a women's clothing store. She closed it after the show. Later Carly collaborated with fellow contestant Dora Cote to work on Dora's Rocky Mountain Roadhouse in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta and a tenure at the Cannibal Cafe in Vancouver, a spot known for its burgers.

11. Dora Cote

Dora worked towards opening her first restaurant, Dora's Rocky Mountain Roadhouse, in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta. She collaborated with Carly Tennant. She returned to compete in MasterChef Canada's "Back to Win" season but was the first chef eliminated from the competition.

12. Josh Gale

Initially working as a private chef, he later joined Nicli's Next Door, where he recently became the executive chef. He is currently working as a restaurant consultant & a culinary collaborator⁣. He also won "Beat Bobby Flay" tv show.

13. Brooke Feldman

Brooke is currently working as a private chef. She actively participates in events aimed at the welfare of LGBTQ+ community.

14. Danny Raposo

After his appearance on the show, Danny participated in Season 10 of Dragon's Den, a popular Canadian reality TV show where entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas to a panel of venture capitalists in the hope of securing investment.

Danny is the host of the "Seed To Plate" series. He is also the owner of Munchalishus Medi Meals, which serves THC infused foods.

15. Ben Miner

Ben is currently the lead programmer for the SiriusXM Comedy Club (according to the LinkedIn), where he is responsible for creating, acquiring, and managing comedy content. This includes everything from sourcing comedy albums to scheduling and programming specialty shows like Top Comic. Additionally, Ben hosts two shows on SiriusXM: Comic Stripped on the Comedy Club channel and Joint Ventures on Canada Talks.

16. Meghan Toth

Sadly no details about Meghan's current activities after the show were found. We were not able to retrieve any social media account related to her.