5 Instances That prove Ross is the Best F.R.I.E.N.D.S Character Ever!

Ross Geller, a paleontologist, is Monica's older geeky brother who is sometimes weird but Kind and Compassionate at the same time. He loves his friends and they are the most important part of his life (Other than getting Married and Getting Divorced! )

5 Instances That prove Ross is the Best F.R.I.E.N.D.S Character Ever!

F.R.I.E.N.D.S premiered almost 20 years ago and is still a fan favorite show. The show followed the story of six friends, namely, Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey, and Ross who navigate Love, Careers, and Friendship in New York City.

The six friends instantly became household names after the show premiered. Till date, Friends is one of the top shows ever made. During its run of 10 seasons, it never disappointed even with a single episode.

There is a never ending debate about 'Who Was the best F.R.I.E.N.D.S character'. Rachel, because of her looks, Monica, Because of her perfection, Phoebe, Because of her Weirdness, Chandler, Because of his Sarcasm, Joey, Because of his friendliness and Ross, Due to many many reasons.

So here, we'll be discussing instances which show that Ross is the Best Character in the ensemble!

1. When Ross gets Phoebe her First Bike

In Season 7 Episode 9, Ross teaches Ben how to ride a bike with Monica and Phoebe. Phoebe tells the gang that she never got to ride one during her childhood but the girl across the street had the most amazing pink bike with rainbow coloured tassels hanging off the handle grips and a bell and a big white wicker basket with plastic daisies stuck on.

Ross gets Phoebe her first bike after hearing her story, which makes Phoebe very happy. Then the gang finds out she does not know how to ride. So Ross takes Phoebe to the park to teach her, but she is reluctant. With Ross' convincing and training wheels, Phoebe eventually manages to ride the bike.

This instant was one of the best moments in Ross and Phoebe's Friendship and showed how much Ross cared for his Friends.

2. When Ross misses his chance to be on TV just to help Rachel.

In season 3 , episode 21, Ross obtains a part in a panel for the Discovery Channel, and he's really excited about it. He keeps asking the guys for advice on what he should wear, with mixed criticism. When he sees Rachel in pain due to the fall from Monica, he helps her get ready for the dinner she has with her work colleagues.

He gets Rachel ready by helping her with her make-up and appearance. When it turns out that Rachel is in too much pain to go anywhere, he takes her to the hospital, canceling his appearance on the Discovery Channel in the process. He doesn't tell Rachel of this until after their hospital visit, but when he does, Rachel tells him that it's the sweetest thing he's done. Ross tells her to get some sleep.

3. When Ross encourages Carol to marry Susan even after how he actually felt about it.

In season 2 Episode 11, Carol and Susan decide to get married infuriating Ross. He was reluctant to see his ex-wife walking down the aisle again. Carol asked Monica to be her caterer and Monica seeks the gang's help due to shortage of time.

Carol's parents refuse to attend the wedding, causing Carol to have second thoughts about her decision, which almost leads to calling the wedding off. This causes Ross to reverse his earlier stance, allowing his feelings to dissolve, and instead finds himself encouraging her to go ahead with the ceremony despite their opposition if she really loves Susan.

Carol knows he's right, so the preparations resume. Ross himself walks Carol down the aisle. Towards the end of the episode, after the wedding, Susan thanks Ross for what he did for them and asks him to dance. Ross at first declines, but changes his mind after Susan allows him to lead.

4. When he let Rachel win in the poker game after she didn't get picked for the job.

In season 1 Episode 18, the gang decides to play poker together after the girls are intimidated by the guys. The girls keep playing with the guys in the hope of winning one game over them. Tired of serving coffee at Central Perk, Rachel sends out resumes for job opportunities.

She gets an interview at Saks, Fifth Avenue, about a vacancy as a buyer's assistant. While playing poker, Ross goes unusually hard on Rachel. The two keep on bickering during a poker game, where things start to go well for Rachel when she wins a hand on Ross. In the middle of a dealt hand, she receives a call from Saks informing her that she hasn't been picked for the job.

Instead of abandoning the game, she decides to take it out on Ross, raising the bets over the limit and making everyone fold. Ross decides to fold too, but she reminds him of his comments about not being a nice guy during poker, so he sits out the rest of the hand.

The bets keep rising through the roof, and Rachel wins with a full house. Even though Ross accepts the defeat, we think that he had a better hand, and lost to make Rachel happy.

5. He chose his friends over Emily.

In Season 5 Episode 5, Emily puts on a condition forth that Ross should never see or talk to Rachel if he wants their marriage to work. Ross, initially reluctant to decide, eventually tells Rachel the about the same and Rachel gets furious.

She eventually understands and they both decide not to see each other. Emily demands a lot of things after that like changing the furniture, shifting to a new place and so on and Ross agrees to all of them. The gang warns Ross and tells him that they all 'hate Emily' but Ross tells them what it takes to make a marriage work.

In Season 5, Episode 6, the gang insists Ross and Rachel to have dinner together with all of them for the last time. While hanging out, Emily calls on Monica's phone to track down Ross and he confesses that Rachel is also having dinner with them.

This infuriates Emily and Ross finally chooses his friends over Emily and asks her to trust him. She refuses to trust him and they both decide to break up their marriage. This instant proves that Ross loved his friends more than anything in the whole world.

Overall, Ross is an Under-rated character. Usually, People favorites are Joey, Monica and Chandler but Ross' sarcasm, his care, his kindness and many other qualities make him superior than the rest of them. Thank you for reading our analysis on Ross. Luckily, it wasn’t 18 pages, FRONT AND BACK!!