Harry Styles - As It Was Song Review

“come on Harry we wanna say good night to you.”

Harry Styles - As It Was Song Review

Another new album named Harry's House whose first song As It Was was released on 1st April 2022. Throughout the song, Harry explains how his life had never been the same ‘as it was’, the difference in his life, from working at a bakery to auditioning for the X-Factor, to becoming a member of One Direction to it breaking up and the members having their own solo careers, Harry describes how much differences he had faced that had landed him where he is now. Although fans deduce that there are subtle hints of his present girlfriend Olivia Wilde in the lyrics.

Balance of two worlds in the song

The song starts with Harry’s goddaughter saying, “come on Harry we wanna say good night to you.”

He has a routine to have a chat with his goddaughter over the call every night so the one day he missed, it made her very angry so he decided to insert that line into his song. the entire song revolves around how fame had interfered with his life and modified it in ways he did not foresee.

His acting career alongside his music career had made it hard for him to balance but like always he knows how to focus on one whichever hits him better and he believes that music and acting are like catalysts to each other, one helps him with the other.

Every lyric of his songs till now had been inspired by his life, and he had been quite open about it. His entire world of fame and how the different situations made him think of this third studio album is a revelation in the lyrics of As It Was.

Being a celebrity comes with much more cons of losing self-confidence, having self-doubts, having to put up with appearances, and being answerable to everything, the song ‘As it Was’ brought out the vulnerability that Harry faces in the middle of his time with fame.

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The song is a description of the person underneath the spotlight

Throughout the song, the confessional tone and somewhat misunderstood persona of the singer gets revealed, which becomes relatable to everyone who hears it. The struggle of being understood and having mental breakdowns and exhaustion to drag about our lives never is the way it was in our childhood or the time we were happy.

He has had to face questions about his personal life, his romantic interests, and his sexuality, and the curiosity of the fans never seemed to diminish, in these spotlights, any celebrity would not be in touch with their real self hidden from the light that needs validation, that needs space from the media thirsty world.

The song is confessional and deeply related to everyone being nostalgic over a time that is gone, which hits the heart with its right chords.

Different new Directions

Choosing a solo career has lost many fans’ unwavering loyalty to the band members which had of course affected the singer but through the betrayals and the never-ending spotlight, finding confidence and faith in his own creation.

As it Was stands like a bittersweet song that is full of uncertainties and the changed situations but Harry sings it with an acceptance of everything and a stronger ground shows in the lyrics and the tune of the soft but rhythmic beats.