FRIENDS- 5 Best Episodes from Each Season

FRIENDS- 5 Best Episodes from Each Season

Years ago, In 1994, a show premiered on NBC that impacted the 90s generation and is still impacting GenZ today.

Friends introduced us to the lives of Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey and Ross and showed how they managed their relationships and friendships while making a life for themselves in NYC.

It's been almost 2 decades since the show ended but people still find it hard to forget and it began the era of binge-watching.

Here, we'll be discussing the 5 best episodes from each season ranked according to their intriguing plotlines and cliffhangers with the best one being the first.

Season 1

The First season introduces us to the lives of Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey and Ross.

Rachel, being new to independence adjusts to her life while the rest of the friends deal with their own issues and relationships.

Episode 3-The One with the Thumb

group of people eating and reading on sofa

Due to the gang being always judgemental, Monica does not want her new boyfriend to meet them. But they meet him anyway.

Phoebe gets $9000 and a football phone but from whom?

Episode 7- The One with the Blackout

group of people celebrating someone's birthday

There's a citywide blackout, but wait, the gang can't keep their calm during the blackout as well.

With Ross trying to confess his feelings to Rachel and Chandler being stuck somewhere, how will this night go?

Episode 13-The One with the Boobies

a women finding something to wear

Joey's parents pay him a visit that DOES NOT go well with Joey.

Chandler accidentally sees Rachel's Boobies and she decides to take revenge.

Will Rachel succeed?

Episode 18- The One with All the Poker

group of people playing cards and having drinks

Being tired of waitressing, Rachel applies to a new job and the girls decide to beat the boys in the game of poker.

Will they manage to do so?

Episode 23-The One with The Birth

group of friends clicking a selfie

Finally, Carol goes into labor but at the time of Birth, Susan, Ross and Phoebe go missing making Carol angry. Where are they?

Season 2

The second season starts with Rachel trying to get around Ross and Julie's Relationship and finally confessing her feelings midway.

Monica's major relationship is judged by everyone while Ross adjusts to being a dad.

Episode 3-The one where Heckles Dies

group of people standing in the corridor

Chandler faces commitment issues. The irritating downstairs neighbour dies leaving his belongings to the "Noisy girls''.

Will his belongings be any useful to the girls?

Episode 7-The One where Ross finds out

a man carrying his friend on his back

Chandler hires Monica to be his fitness trainer.

Finally trying to move on from Ross, Rachel accidentally confesses her feelings to him.

How will he react?

Episode 11-The One with the Lesbian Wedding

group of people attending a marriage

Rachel's mother delivers shocking news to her. Monica gets to cater Carol and Susan's wedding but hours before the wedding, Carol gets cold feet.

Phoebe gets stuck with someone else's soul. Will the wedding go as planned?

Episode 14-The One With the Prom Video

a women dressing for her prom

Joey gives Chandler a gift which creates problems between them.

Monica is short on cash while the gang witnesses Monica, Rachel and Ross getting ready for their prom.

Will this Prom video bring Ross and Rachel closer or push them further apart?

Episode 22-The One with Two Parties

a couple kissing each other

It's Rachel's birthday and the group throws her a big surprise party but what will happen when both her mother and her father turn up and the fact that they both cannot stand each other?

Indeed a bigger surprise awaits Rachel.

Season 3

Monica deals with heartbreak while Ross and Rachel try to make things work. Chandler deals with smoking while the gang tries to get their life back on track.

Episode 6-The One with the Flashback

group of people playing pool

Janice's question triggers old memories in the group.

Who "almost" hooked up with whom and how it would've changed the present dynamics of the group?

Episode 9-The One with the Football

friends playing football

The gang decides to play football but Monica and Ross aren't "allowed" to play.

After a series of events where Rachel "goes long", who will finally win the Geller Cup at stake?

Episode 15-The One where Ross and Rachel take a break

2 friends talking to each other

Chandler and Joey are attracted to the girl from the copy place while Ross and Rachel's relationship goes downhill because of Rachel's late work.

Will they be able to work it out?

Episode 18-The one with the Hypnosis tape

a man eating his breakfast

Chandler uses hypnosis to quit smoking but it turns out to have some other kind of unexpected effect on him.

Monica gets offended by one of her customers. What did the customer do?

Episode 25-The one at the Beach

group of friends having martini

Chandler tries to prove himself as boyfriend material while Phoebe makes a shocking discovery about her mother.

Rachel and Ross kiss but who will Ross choose between Rachel and Bonnie?

Season 4

Ross and Rachel are together again so Everything should be good right? Turns out that's not happening. Phoebe and Ross make a life-altering decision with the gang having their backs.

Episode 3-The One with the Cuffs'

a man in handcuffs standing without pants

Chandler and Joanna get back together but this time Chandler gets stuck in a messy situation.

Joey gets enticed by a book while Monica and Phoebe cater for Judy's party where they 'pull a Monica'.

What does this phrase mean and will they be able to make Judy happy?

Episode 12-The One with the Embryos

a man explaining a chart

Chandler and Joey bet with Monica and Rachel about who knows the other better.

Ross prepares the test and this results in one of the teams losing something very important.

Phoebe gets Alice and Frank's embryo transferred into her with very less chance of getting pregnant. Will she get implanted? Who will win the quiz?

Episode 19-The One with all the Haste

2 friends sharing a romantic moment

Monica and Rachel entice the guys with knicks tickets in exchange for the apartment.

Ross and Emily make a hasty decision which will change their lives forever.

Will the guys agree to exchange the apartments and What will be the Gang's reaction to Ross and Emily's decision?

Episode 20-The One with All the Wedding Dresses

3 women wearing white gowns drinking beer

Phoebe and Monica go to pick up Emily's wedding Dress but end up renting the dresses for themselves.

Rachel and Joshua try to work things out but Joshua freaks out after seeing Rachel in an outfit he wasn't supposed to see.

Will the girls be able to cheer themselves up?

Episode 24-The One with Ross' wedding Part 2

a couple staring at each other

It's finally 'THE DAY' and Ross and Emily are about to get married but what will happen when Ross sees Rachel in London?

Will Ross and Emily get married amidst the chaos at the last minute?

Season 5

Ross tries to make his marriage work while Rachel deals with her feelings.

Monica and Chandler's relationship has varied reactions from the group while Phoebe delivers the Triplets.

Episode 3-The One Hundredth

a women observing her newly born child

Phoebe goes into labour and tries to convince Frank of the impossible.

Monica and Rachel get dates with cute male nurses.

How will Chandler react to Monica going on a date? Will Frank agree to Phoebe's request?

Episode 8- The One with All the Thanksgivings

a women wearing a mask

The gang relives their worst Thanksgiving experiences and some secrets come to light.

Chandler tells Monica something that blows her mind.

Episode 14- The One where Everybody finds Out

2 women shouting in excitement

'They don't know that we know that they know we know'.

But exactly what is the thing that everybody knows now?

Episode 19-The One Where Ross Can't Flirt

group of people making a strange observation

The gang makes fun of Ross' flirting skills when he tries to flirt with the Pizza Delivery girl.

Rachel is afraid of Monica as she lost her earring and Joey's Big scene gets cut down from the new TV show leaving him devastated.

Will Ross be able to prove his flirting skills to the group?

Episode 24-The One in Vegas: Part 2

a man with his face painted as a cat

Monica and Chandler leave one of their biggest life decisions on the roll of a dice.

Ross and Rachel get drunk and do something which shocks everyone.

Season 6

Ross and Rachel face the consequences of their drunk decisions in Vegas.

Monica and Chandler move in together while their Relationship takes another turn in the season finale.

Episode 10-The One with the Routine

2 friends dancing on the stage

Janine manages to get Joey, Monica and Ross into Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin 'Eve, about which Monica and Ross have been crazy since childhood.

Rachel, Phoebe and Chandler search for Monica's Christmas presents. Will they find them before Monica's back?

Episode 11-The One with the Apothecary Table

2 women collecting music cds

Phoebe hates pottery barn so Rachel lies to her about some of the stuff she got from there.

Janine and Joey go on a double date with Monica and Chandler where sparks fly off. Will the couples like each other's company?

Episode 15-The One That Could Have Been: Part 1

group of people meeting a patient

The group ponders over the fact that if they would've made some of their life decisions differently, will they still be hanging out together?

Episode 17-The One with Unagi

a man playing crosswords on newspaper

Rachel and Phoebe take self-defense classes but Ross introduces them to a new concept (The name of sushi according to Rachel).

Chandler and Monica decide to give handmade Valentine's day gifts to each other. Will they manage to get something good?

Episode 25-The One with The Proposal: Part 2

a man proposing to his gf

Chandler wants to propose to Monica but in order to avoid her doubting, he instead gives her the idea that he hates marriage and meanwhile, Richard proposes to Monica. What will Monica do? Whose proposal will she accept?

Season 7

It's "Mondler's" wedding and the group preparing for the big day. Best men and Maids of honour are decided while Chandler mends some old Family Relations.

Episode 11-The One With All the Cheesecakes

group of friends investigating about something

David, The Scientist Guy, returns for one night when Phoebe has plans with Joey.

Rachel and Chandler can't help eating the irresistible cheesecakes which originally came for their neighbours downstairs. Will Phoebe cancel on David or On Joey?

Episode 17-The One with The Cheap Wedding Dress

a group of women drinking wine

Monica suggests a stranger, Megan, buy her wedding dress from a place where she will get it cheaper.

But when Monica, Rachel and Phoebe go to the place for Monica's dress, The girl turns out to be their competitor and hence forces Monica to choose between what she wants or what Chandler wants. What will Monica choose?

Episode 19-The One with Ross and Monica's Cousin

a women combing her hair

Chandler, Ross and Phoebe get mesmerized by Ross and Monica's cousin.

Rachel and Phoebe throw an impromptu Bridal shower for Monica while Monica helps out Joey with a work situation.

Will Phoebe and Rachel succeed in making Monica Happy?

Episode 22-The One with Chandler's Dad

a women singing a song at the occassion

Monica urges Chandler to visit his dad in Las Vegas to invite him to the wedding. Chandler, being hesitant at first, agrees to go with Monica.

Ross and Rachel get tickets from the police due to their driving skills.

How will Chandler's dad react to seeing him and will he agree to come to the wedding?

Episode 24-The One with Monica and Chandler's Wedding: Part 2

a newly wed couple dancing

It's The wedding day but Chandler gets cold feet and goes missing.

Rachel has to stall Monica from getting ready without telling her about Chandler.

Joey gets stuck in the work thing. Phoebe found a pregnancy test in Monica's trash.

How will the group turn the worst Wedding day into the Best Wedding Day ever?

Season 8

It's Rachel! She's the one who is pregnant. But with whose child? How will the father react?

What situations led to Rachel becoming pregnant and on top of that, how is the group gonna get through Rachel's mood swings and stuff?

Episode 3-The One Where Rachel tells…

2 ex couple having a serious conversation

The group now knows that Ross is the father of Rachel's baby but How will she tell Ross about this? What will be Ross' reaction?

Phoebe and Joey try to get into Monica and Chandler's apartment by lying to Mr Treeger.

Episode 4-The One with The Video

a group of friends playing a game with bottle

Who came onto who? Did Ross make his first move or Rachel was the one who seduced Ross? Both of them try to prove themselves right but How will they reach a conclusion?

Episode 13-The One where Chandler Takes a Bath

a man enjoying in the bath tub

Chandler hates baths but changes his mind when Monica draws him one. Ross and Rachel know about the Sex of the Baby and the group knows about Joey's major Crush. How will the gang react to everything?

Episode 20-The One with The Baby Shower

a women opening presents

Monica tries to seek forgiveness from Rachel's mother as she forgets to invite her to Rachel's baby shower.

The guys play Bamboozled. Rachel asks her mother to live with her and Ross thinks otherwise.

How will Ross convince Rachel to let go of her mother and How will Sandra react to Ross denying her stay with Rachel?

Episode 23-The One where Rachel has a Baby: Part 1

man doing joking gestures on bed

Rachel is frustrated by all the women who came after her and have their babies before her.

One of the women turns out to be a huge surprise for Chandler.

Phoebe meets a guy in the hospital. Monica and Chandler try to get pregnant. Will Rachel have her baby soon?

Season 9

Rachel saying yes to Joey has some serious consequences. Ross and Rachel take care of their daughter while Chandler moves to Tulsa due to work commitments.

How is the group gonna get through everything?

Episode 3-The One with The Pediatrician

FRIENDS- 5 Best Episodes from Each Season

Monica is offered a Job at Javu's which was her dream but she will have to give up on Moving to Tulsa with Chandler.

Emma's pediatrician fires Rachel hence she goes to see Ross' childhood pediatrician but it turns out that even now, Ross himself sees his pediatrician.

Will Rachel keep this a secret from the group? Will Monica give up her dream job for Chandler?

Episode 14-The One With the Blind Dates

a women conversing on phone

Monica and Chandler babysit Emma but they realize Monica's ovulating.

Ross and Rachel both go on blind dates and both of them have disastrous results.

Was this a coincidence or was something planned?

Episode 18-The one With the Lottery

a lady rigging the lottery tickets

The gang buys lottery tickets and half of them are thrown out of the balcony by Phoebe. Will they win this or the Winning ticket has something else in its fate?

Episode 19-The One with The Fertility Test

a couple relaxing on sofa and reading magzines

Monica and Chandler run into an unexpected person at the fertility clinic. Phoebe works in a corporate massage chain after making Rachel feel guilty about going to one.

Rachel still goes there and Phoebe ends up as her massager. Will Rachel figure out it's Phoebe?

Episode 23-The One in Barbados

a drunk women irritating her partner

The gang goes to Ross' palaeontology conference in Barbados where Joey and Charlie break up.

Mike and Phoebe get back together as well as Ross and Charlie kiss.

Joey and Rachel get drunk and after seeing Ross and Charlie, Joey impulsively makes a decision. How will the gang react to this?

Season 10

Joey and Rachel's relationship has a serious impact on Ross. Phoebe finally finds her soulmate while Monica and Chandler have their baby (or is it babies?) And the gang finally leave Apartment 20 for their future endeavours and says goodbyes to each other.

Episode 4-The One with The Cake

group of friends celebrating birthday

It's Emma's First Birthday but everyone has to go to one or the other place.

Rachel and Ross go to the bakery as they ordered a  bunny cake which was replaced by an erotic one.

Joey, Monica, Chandler and Phoebe compete to decide who'll leave first in a different manner.

Will they all come back before Ross and Rachel? Will Emma's birthday go as envisioned by Rachel?

Episode 8-The One with The Late Thanksgiving.

group of friends peeking from the door

Monica and Chandler throw Thanksgiving dinner but Rachel and Phoebe come late as they took Emma to a Beauty pageant which is greatly disapproved of by Ross meanwhile Joey and Ross go to a knicks game and they also come late making the hosts furious.

Monica receives news which makes everything go away. What is the news Monica's so happy about? How did Ross react to the pageant thing?

Episode 12-The One With Phoebe's Wedding

a couple taking vows during her marriage

It's Mike and Phoebe's day but a Snowstorm shatters their wedding day.

Monica gets fired from being Phoebe's wedding planner but is rehired when Phoebe realizes she can't do everything on her own.

Will they call off the wedding due to the storm? If not, how will they get married?

Episode 14-The One with Princess Consuela

women drinking coffee at a restaurant with her husband

Phoebe goes to get her last name changed to Hannigan but realizes she can change it to anything she wants which results in her picking a unique name.

Rachel has an interview with Gucci with her old boss sitting at the next table. How will her interview go? What will be Mike's reaction to Phoebe's new name?

Episode 17-The Last One Part 1 and 2

3 couples conversing amongst themselves

Everyone is choosing a different road for the future, much to Joey's dismay. Erica delivers Monica and Chandler's baby but there's a twist, Chandler was not prepared for. Ross proposes to Rachel.

Who will Rachel choose- Her Job in Paris or Ross? The Gang emotionally say their final goodbyes to the Purple Apartment and This Brings the last 10 years to a full circle.

Overall, F.R.I.E.N.D.S will always remain one of the best sitcoms ever made and will continue to rule the hearts of future generations as well.