Coldplay fixing hearts forever

“Lights will guide you home”

Coldplay fixing hearts forever

Timeless music brings peace into the hearts of people trapped in the mundaneness of life, whatever it throws, be it heartbreaks, betrayals, traumatic experiences, or inability to move on, everything can be healed with the presence of tranquil music that gives them hope.

Fix You by Coldplay is like the hopeful prayer to one's belief, that no matter what, the self-companionship is the best which will take the humans to the road to healing.

“Lights will guide you home”

The hopeful tranquillity in the song brings tears to the listeners, the promise of the song blaring through the ears is something everyone needs to hear, a constant reminder that no matter what, they will be fixed, with time.

The entire song is a soulful reassurance that while everything in the world is suffocating to a person, the genuine love and friendship of the person they love will be there to fix them at the end of the line.

Humans thrive in companionship, a kind of relationship that brings out the best in them, while the whole world is judgemental and condescending, this song is a reminder to them that they can cry, and struggle and their loved ones will never judge them and will help them heal.

What is the message of the song fix you by Coldplay?

The lyrics are a heartfelt understanding of the dissatisfaction that people have with them. Self-doubts and agonies cramp people inside their shells that make them feel unworthy of any success and achievements.

When people are striving hard for being productive but their emotional exhaustion and the mental hangover are keeping them from being themselves, the song is a reminder that it is valid to feel everything that they feel.

The song is like the much-needed validation that humans fail to provide otherwise but can be felt through the art of good music. Despite the situation, mental well-being is never a constant in people’s lives. The mental exhaustion makes people feel lost and make them feel the inability to move forward or anywhere in their lives.

The compulsive feeling of detaching yourself from everything and succumbing to inner turmoil and bottling feelings is the normal reaction to having your mental health stuck in one place without any improvement. But the constant reassurance that the lyrics of Fix You gives works like therapy to a disturbed heart.

“But if you never try, You’ll never know
Just what you’re worth”

The art of letting go reveals new possibilities and a way to know the self, as well as self-healing in ways a person cannot imagine. People are extremely hard to move on from, the memories run back to the people that make them break down every time they’re trying.

But there’s always light at the end of the tunnel which one can’t feel if they don’t go through the darkness. The tune coincides with the mood of the song, and reaches the heart of the listeners, giving a temporary soothing respite from the disturbing things of life.