All The Main EMILY IN PARIS Characters, Ranked According To Their Likeness

All The Main EMILY IN PARIS Characters, Ranked According To Their Likeness

'Emily In Paris' is one of the top Netflix shows of all time. It is the Story of a girl, Emily Cooper, who moves to her dream city Paris from NYC for her career.

Paris offers her with all kinds of mishaps that turn her life upside down in every aspect, be it her job or her love life.

Torn between her career and working with people in the Paris Office who despise her, the show follows her journey as she explores Paris and gets summoned into the madness it has to offer!

10. Madeline Wheeler

Played by Kate Walsh, Madeline Wheeler is the marketing director of the Gilbert group, a Chicago based company who take over Savoir.

She was supposed to take on the job in Paris but she found out that

She was pregnant and hence she offered Emily, the opportunity to follow her lifelong dream to go to Paris.

Her biggest flaw is that she lacks the capability to understand and hence does not cares about firm-client relations.

She just cares to make more and more money. She feeds into the French stereotypes and tries to appropriate their culture which irritates Sylvie, Luc and Julien among others.

She considers Emily as her friend and confidant.

9. Antoine Lambert

Played by William Abadie, he is Emily's client (Previously Sylvie's) who owns a perfume company (Maison Lavaux) and is having a long-standing affair with company's Chief Marketing Officer, Sylvie about which his wife knows.

As charming as he is we can't help but question Antoine's morals and intentions.

There is constant tension and awkwardness between him and Emily in Season One but he becomes more involved in Emily's life when He asks Gabriel (Emily's Love interest and Neighbor) to be the Head Chef in his new restaurant.

8. Luc

Played by Bruno Gouery, Luc is an employee at Savoir and one of Sylvie's trusted ones. He also doubted Emily at first.

He is awkward and confusing, but a good friend and someone Emily can count on.

He took Emily on lunch when no one else would and accepted her place in the company.

He offered Emily some advice and he forms a hilarious duo with Julian.

Another aspect of Luc's personality is his confidence regarding sexuality and sexual remarks.

7. Julien

Played by Samuel Arnold, Julien is also an employee at Savior and one of Sylvie's trusted ones.

He doubted Emily at first but then he came around. Initially he used to think that American Perspective which Emily brings to the job isn't that great and their views clash.

He forms an iconic duo with Luc. He used to worship Pierre Cadault since he was a kid and is thrilled when he gets a chance to meet Pierre.

Julien lends a helping hand to Emily when she has to save Pierre's now uncanceled Fashion Week show.

At the end of season 2, he and Luc both join Sylvie and resign from Savoir as Medeline takes control.

6. Alfie

Played by Lucien Laviscount, Alfie meets Emily while attending French classes. Initially, he makes fun of Emily's job and her dressing sense.

By the end of season 2, Emily manages to impress him and they both start an official relationship even though Emily loves Gabriel.

He had to return to UK but he and Emily agree to maintain their Long Distance. With Emily's realization of her live with Gabriel, how will this relationship go further?

5. Gabriel

Played by Lucas Bravo, Gabriel is the handsome Neighbor of Emily who is a very talented chef from Normandy.

He and Emily start crushing on each other which grows constantly till the point where Emily realizes that Gabriel is dating one of Emily's best friend in Paris, Camille.

Gabriel decided to leave for Normandy and on his last night, he and Emily sleep together.

Gabriel then decides to stay but they hide this from Cami who eventually figures this out and hence Emily gives up Gabriel to save her friendship.

In the  season 2 finale, she realizes she loves Gabriel and goes to confess this but sees Camille moving in with him and returns without saying what she went for, disheartened.

4. Camille

Played by Camille Razat, she is actually one of the most genuine and nice characters in the show.

She always looks out for people and is a great friend. Camille's parents have a château in Champagne called Le Domaine de Lalisse.

Emily, Camille and Mindy get along greatly and become friends. Emily realizes that the guy she is crushing on is Cami's boyfriend.

She sometimes sees things one-sided and an example of this was when she didn't understand Gabriel's situation when he decided to move to Normandy.

In season 2, she finds out that Emily and Gabriel slept together which infuriates her but eventually she forgives them and moves in with Gabriel in Season 2 finale which breaks Emily's heart.

3. Sylvie Grateau

Played by Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, Sylvie was Emily's bitter boss at Savoir, Paris.

She is judgmental but was perfect in her job of Chief Marketing Officer at Savoir.

She was the one who was least thrilled when Emily joined the team and she gave Emily a really hard time.

She is married to Laurent G but they are separated on good terms.

She has an affair with her client Maison Lavaux's owner, Antoine Lambert.

Antoine, being a married man, makes the relationship complicated and Sylvie finally tries to navigate her life without him.

With Madeline's arrival, things at Savoir get complicated and Sylvie sells her share in Laurent G Nightclub to her husband and manages to get capital.

She decided to resign from Savoir and start her own firm with Luc and Julian.

She also wants Emily in her new adventure and gives her the choice to come on board with her or keep working for Madeline.

Emily's decision will be revealed in Season 3.

2. Mindy Chen

Played by Ashley Park, She is Emily's best friend and is a high-maintenance, fun loving person.

Her greatest passion being singing, she fled from China after a bad incident which was telecasted on TV.

She belongs to a super rich family but keeps this a secret. She works as a nanny.

With Emily's encouragement, Mindy begins to learn how to restart her singing career and is encouraged to sing in public where her beautiful voice draws a crowd.

She starts singing and then gets enrolled in a band with two other guys, Benoît and Étienne.

Mindy leaves her job as a nanny and hence comes to live with Emily in her apartment until she gets back on her feet.

Mindy and Benoît start dating. Mindy encourages Emily to confess her feelings to Gabriel.

1. Emily Cooper

Played by the talented and Gorgeous Lily Collins, Emily's life turns upside down when she moves to Paris, her dream place.

She takes Madeline's place here and becomes an employee at Savior.

Everybody, especially Sylvie, Emily's boss, was initially reluctant to accept the 'American Girl', they eventually start to like her.

She tries to balance work, dating, and making friends, all while living in the most romantic city in the world.

Emily's job at Savior was to advise them on social media strategy from an American perspective for their clients.

Emily has a crush on her neighbor Gabriel since Day 1 which kept growing until she found out that Gabriel is dating Camille (Emily's one of the best friends).

She befriends Mindy as well and they both constantly encourage each other.

Emily begins a relationship with Alfie in season 2 but is still in love with Gabriel.

She meets Alfie at her French Classes and they both start off on a bitter note but things take a turn and they start dating. E

mily gets offered a job by Sylvie who resigned from Savoir along with Luc and Julian.

Now Emily has to choose between going back to NYC or working with Sylvie while dealing with her feelings for Gabriel even when Cami and Gabriel move in together.

Overall, Emily in Paris is a great show with every character having their own Character arc and story behind.

This is one of the leading Netflix Originals ever made. The last Two seasons trended on Netflix for days, Let's see how Season 3 goes! Don't forget to watch EMILY IN PARIS on December 21, 2022, less than 2 months away!