ELUVEITIE - A Rose For Epona Song Review

“Mother gone deaf mistress of shattered hopes and forever broken dreams”

ELUVEITIE - A Rose For Epona  Song Review

Set amidst the picturesque of the Gaulish war breaking out which led to the Helvetians forcefully leaving their homeland and running for their lives to settle on the West Coast of Gallia.

They saw their new lives blooming from harboring the battle scars on their skin as they were caught in the middle of the war which shattered their ties, broke their dreams, and made them stranded in the unknown world possessed by the humans who lust over supremacy and envy their community.

Their hopes are shattered in the wake of the terrible war as the lyrics go “Mother gone deaf mistress of shattered hopes and forever broken dreams” while the Helvetians wail their cries and their bloodshed are their offerings of roses to their Goddess of war, Epona.

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The song is narrated by a young Gaulish woman who had breathed in the middle of her war and lost her husband and thankfully not her newborn child.

“The sky is falling in on me
As your hand’s turning old and weak
I’m giving myself up to thee
A futile sacrifice gone sere.”

The main chorus rings as the beat harden which mimics the tumultuous war raging inside the heart of the survivors who fight for retaining their last breath as they see bloodshed and fell war unfold through their unfortunate orbs.

Her desperation of not wanting to be sold to be a slave for the Romans and to keep her newborn stick to her heart as she hopes to survive through this, along with the other fighters' cries for help from the goddess Epona whose temple is strewn all over Gallia.

The song puts you into a war with yourself as you unfold the desperate try of life and existence to grab survival by its talons and the eternal fight of not giving in to the scythe bearing hands of the Grim Reaper who smirks as bodies fall and the soil is smeared with the blood of bodies which sheltered souls which broke free.

A Rose for Epona is one of the magically tragic and thunderous songs of Eluveitie that revolves around Celtic mythology. It is definitely worth hearing and there is no going back from the abyss that this song enchants you into.