"Reaching out to you, DarLing" By SEVENTEEN Song Review

"Reaching out to you, DarLing" By SEVENTEEN Song Review
“You know without you I’m so lonely…”

Verse 1

Vermin introduces his yearling to the one he loves. Darling starts with a lovely obsession with the need for a lover for other.

Having emotional dependency, the lines sing a verse of loneliness and fear of losing their lover and the feeling of falling in love with their lover over and over again.

Every prayer for staying and loving circles on one person, the lover they’re seeking out.

Verse 2

In the second verse, Wonwoo sings, expressing the conflict inside him that he feels, has not been with his lover.

Just like a lover looks for a way out of their insecurities and fear to cherish their time with their lover, they’re looking for a way out but are trapped inside their fear and insecurities matching their obsession and yearning for their lover.

Mingyu sings the part where he compares the tequila to his heart but his heart is more bitter, being lonely and detached, feeling the separation weighing inside him, he claims that he feels more bitter than the tequila he is drinking, to forget his loneliness and pain.

Verse 3

In the next verse, Dino sings portraying his desire to know his lover better.

The early signs of wanting to know your crush better are visibly portrayed with quiet desperation shown in these lines.

The tone of the voice matches that of a lover singing inside his heart, yearning to know their lover more, to be acquainted and understand each other more.

His friends worry about seeing his feed because of his lovestruck activities, he asks if the one he is seeking out worries as well.

DK sings saying that he has been waiting for his lover to call him, anticipating the one call to check up and talk endlessly for hours, like lovestruck people feel when in love.

He says he can’t wait anymore, he grows restless trying to reach out to his love through his emotions. Wooz ends the verse with “Darling you” seeking out his lover like hopeless lovers do.

The lyrics suggest the lovestruck and hopeless teenage years when people experience the onset of feeling foreign feelings and amour towards a certain person, and their emotional gravity and dependence grow.

Throughout the song, with the repeated words in the next verses, Seventeen beautifully portrays a story of a one-sided lover or a friend to his potential lover, seeking out, reaching out to be with them, confessing their feelings for them, and having them reciprocated.

The unconditional love, yearning, obsession, and hopeful confession are filled throughout the song. In the next verses, the band repeats their lyrics.

In the next part of the song, THE8 says, “I see you, you see me…” promising to never take their love for granted, the promise of taking care of them and having them take care of him, and assures that once they’re together, they will not need anyone else if they are together, nothing can separate.

Joshua shows the restlessness of a lover when his desperation hits the feelings, asking their lover to kiss them, and coming into their arms, this craving for physical intimacy and emotional confessions of love pours throughout the entire song with the tone matching their hopeful cheerfulness and the shyness as they confront, revealing their feelings.

Mingyu and Dino sing the part of  “I’ma treat you better” countless times like lovers reassure with their might and hopefulness, to never disappoint and treat them badly, and to be the lovers they have always wanted to be with.