10 Billy Hargrove's Headbangers From Good To Great

Eddie may have had the best metal scene but Billy has always been the more prominent metalhead, even in death.

10 Billy Hargrove's Headbangers From Good To Great

Billy Hargrove is one of the fan-favorite characters due to his character being a lot more than just a one-note rage character.

Billy is flawed in a way that even after acting as a partial antagonist, fans still sympathized with the character created by the Duffer Brothers.

Billy's scenes in Stranger Things may have taken the top spot had he not met his demise earlier in the series.

Before Eddie Munson made it onto the screen, heavy metal belonged to the representation of Billy Hargrove.

10. Let It Loose - Savage

All the heavy metal tracks that play when Billy's in the scene are great.

However, Let It Loose by Savage seems to have less of a hitting note with the character.

Even though it comes under heavy metal, the tone of the song feels a lot more light-hearted for a character such as Billy who has gone through so much trauma.

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9. Flash Of The Blade - Iron Maiden

In comes Flash Of The Blade by Iron Maiden.

One of the very few songs that bring in the Dungeons and Dragons aspect which the series seems to be heavily inspired by.

Mixing heavy metal with D&D is one of the most extraordinary things about this song.  

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8. Wango Tango - Ted Nugent

The scene in which this song played solidified the character of Billy.

Projecting his anger onto his sister while threatening to potentially murder three members of the Hellfire club with his car.

The song gave an implication that instilling the fear he felt of his father into someone else gave him a sense of control.

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7. Sex And Outrage - Motörhead

What song would perfectly define the life of Billy Hargrove if not for Sex And Outrage by Motörhead?

The casual flirtatious nature of Billy with Mike's mother gave quite the clarity on how he likes to enjoy the little things in life when he's away from home.

As soon as he's not distracted, the outrage kicks in.

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6. Evil Walks - ACDC

Evil Walks by ACDC perfectly covers exactly what happens to Billy in Season 3 of Stranger Things.

The Mindflayer manages to find the perfect victim when it connects itself to Billy.

By having his body and mind at the mercy of the monster, Billy finds that evil walks inside of him, guiding his every move and thought.

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5. Kickstart My Heart - Mötley Crüe

One of the best songs that represent Billy Hargrove's character has got to be Kickstart My Heart by Mötley Crüe.

The song perfectly covers the tone of how the protagonist lives a life full of adrenaline, in a reckless fashion that perfectly captures how Billy would rather drive a car at breakneck speeds than actually face family time.

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4. Ride The Lightning - Metallica

Another song that perfectly captures the feeling of being possessed.

After being affected by the Mindflayer, we get a scene of clarity when Billy gets trapped in a sauna.

He confesses how he never meant to hurt anyone and what better lyric to that than..

"Guilty as charged, but dammit, it ain't right. There's someone else controlling me".

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3. 666 - Anvil

"Chains of death have been unleashed. Ripped and tattered stricken from hell".

666 by Anvil gives the show its own proper theme song within Billy's soundtrack as the Mindflayer plays a vital role in Season 3 of Stranger Things, especially with Billy's character.

His character feels as if he was specifically created just so the creators of the series could add such a fitting song to its tracks.

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2. Rock You Like A Hurricane - Scorpions

No one has beaten Billy Hargrove's introduction within the series.

The song foreshadows everything there is that one would need to know about his character through the lyrics of Rock You Like A Hurricane by Scorpions.

"Here I am. Rock you like a hurricane. (Are you ready, baby?)"

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1. The Four Horsemen - Metallica

The Four Horsemen by Metallica has got to be the best out of all of Billy's songs.

The fear of the Mindflayer, the feeling of having no way out of this evil-possessed body, and the fact that death does come to Billy, however, it came in a sacrificial manner which matches with the biblical themes of the song.

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